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Considerations for Your Gaming App

Understanding what’s currently working best in the mobile gaming world, and what's to come, will ensure your gaming app can keep up with the competition. ‍

AI Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

Explore the top AI-based mobile apps to incorporate into your business operations.

Avoiding Copyright Infringement with Your Mobile App

Learn the essential steps to avoid copyright infringement during your mobile app development process.

Mobile Sectors with the Highest Summer Engagement 

Explore the mobile sectors that experience the highest engagement over the summer months, and can benefit from platform optimizations.

Effective Strategies for Mobile App Personalization

As brands and developers strive to create unique experiences for their users, these strategies can be implemented into mobile app development plans to maximize customer engagement and drive overall satisfaction. 

6 Ways to Maximize Business Impact with Mobile Apps

Understanding the core benefits of mobile app development and how it could revolutionize your business will set you on the path to using their potential within your business plan. 

What Does the Next Decade Hold for the Mobile App Market?

Recent mobile market outlooks aim to identify the trends, challenges, and predictions for the market in the coming years and can help prepare businesses and users for what the future holds. 

Avoid These Common Development Mistakes for a Successful Mobile App Experience

Understanding what makes an app user-friendly, and what could hinder the experience will enable you to easily pick and choose from the plethora of features brought into consideration, and make for a successful mobile app experience.

Mobile Apps for Business Workflow Automation

Mobile apps have found innovative ways to automate mundane business tasks, giving you more time to focus on the core of your business. From managing appointments to putting together complex reports, there’s a mobile app available for download that could streamline the process for you.

Can AI Enhance Your Mobile App?

AI has become increasingly popular for mobile app enhancement. Learn about how AI features can improve your mobile platform operations, and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

The Top 5 Mobile Apps Every Small Business Should Utilize

Choosing the right mobile app can make a significant impact on your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. These are the top mobile apps for small businesses to thrive.

The Top Industries Benefiting from Mobile App Development in 2023

Discover the innovative ways in which these top industries are harnessing the power of mobile apps to revolutionize their operations and drive success in the digital age.

How Mobile Apps Increase Access to Critical Healthcare

To address challenges in critical healthcare, the industry has taken advantage of mobile platforms, revolutionizing both the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Mobile Apps on the Rise in 2023

Competition in the mobile market is stronger than ever. Of the millions of mobile apps available for download today, these 8 are on track to be amongst the most downloaded in 2023.

2023 Forecast: Mobile UX and UI Trends 

As design trends shift with society and culture, mobile apps need to adjust their design approach to fit the modern needs of their consumers. These are the forecasted UX / UI trends for mobile apps in 2023.

These Mobile Apps Will Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Mobile Apps provide a wide range of accessible tools to help you achieve your New Years' resolutions. We've compiled the top mobile apps based on common goals to download for 2023.

5 Key Mobile App Trends to Look Out for in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, there is greater insight into the mobile features likely to dominate the market. Find out the top 5 mobile app trends for 2023.

Non-Gaming Apps Gaining Popularity in the Mobile Market

For the first time in history, non-gaming apps have generated more revenue than gaming apps in the mobile market. Learn about the shift, and what the future of mobile apps holds.

Marketing Tips for Your Mobile App This Holiday Season

Want your business to make the most of holidays? Try these mobile app marketing tips to drive more consumers to your mobile platform this season.

Retailers with Mobile Apps are Winning This Holiday Season

Mobile apps continue to help companies scale their business, and they could be the key to success this holiday season.

Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business Thrive During a Recession

Mobile apps have historically performed well during economic challenges. Learn why developing an app can help your business succeed during the recession.

The Highest Rated Apps of 2022

The highest-rated mobile apps have a combination of strong purpose and solid technical development. Discover the highest-rated apps of 2022.

The Best and Worst Mobile App Features of 2022

The features you choose to implement into your mobile app will determine its overall success. Learn about the best and worst features for 2022.

App Stores Confirm Mobile Fraud is Increasing

New reports reveal that mobile app fraud is continuing to increase in frequency and complexity. Learn how app stores are protecting users, and how you can build a secure app.

Top 6 Finance Mobile Apps for Saving Money

Finance is taking over the mobile app space, providing you with tools to maximize your financial wealth. Check out these 6 mobile apps if you're looking to save more money.

How to Increase Engagement on Your Mobile App

Retention is just as crucial as bringing in new users. If you want to keep your users engaged with your app, implement these strategies to keep them, loyal users.

Learn Something New with These 5 Mobile Apps 

Explore the top mobile apps for learning, education, and skill building.

5 Reasons the Demand for Mobile Apps is Increasing

Mobile apps are growing at an unheard-of rate, and understanding their benefits can explain why the demand for mobile apps is so high in 2022.

How to Successfully Launch Your Mobile App 

Want to ensure your mobile app launch is a success? These app launch tips will guide you through a successful launch cycle!

5 Mobile Apps to Help Grow Your Small Business

Small businesses can significantly benefit from mobile apps when looking to grow. Integrating these mobile apps will improve your small business's communication, management, and finances.

How to Best Market Your Mobile App

A strong marketing strategy is key to spreading awareness about your newly developed mobile app. From traditional marketing to innovative, these marketing tips will ensure your app stands out in the crowd.

Considerations When Developing a Health App

With endless innovation and growth in the health app space, now is the perfect time to develop your mobile health app! Understanding development choices and having a strong vision for the purpose of your mobile app are key to building a successful mobile app.

How Mobile Apps are Fighting Climate Change

Mobile apps are using their platforms to promote positive social change. Learn about how mobile apps are helping in the fight against climate change!

The Future Of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are growing in quantity and capability. Learn about the trends expected to take over the mobile app space in the future.

6 Mobile Apps To Increase Your Productivity in 2022

Mobile apps can improve and expand the productivity of businesses and individuals. Having your favorite supportive tools right in the palm of your hand makes mobile apps the best option for staying organized and checking off your to-do lists. These are the top 6 mobile apps for productivity.

Top 5 Industries Experiencing Growth in the Mobile Market

The mobile shift is one of the most significant technology movements of our time. Every industry can benefit from developing a mobile app, and there are some industries that top the charts in terms of growth potential. Learn more about the top industries in the mobile movement.

Best Mobile Apps for Personal Development

Mobile apps have made their way into the personal development sector. Whether you want to improve your thoughts, habits, or health, there's a mobile app that can help you get there. These are our top mobile apps for personal development.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Mobile App

Small mistakes can lead to big problems in mobile app development. If you're building a mobile app and want it to be successful, avoid the top 5 common mistakes people make when taking their business into the mobile market.

How Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Business 

Mobile apps serve as a tool for growth across all areas of business. In-app experiences can be used to market to users, create brand awareness, expand customer loyalty, and reach new territories.

Want to Keep Up With Your New Years Resolutions? Download These 8 Mobile Apps!

Mobile apps can help you track, manage, and reach all of your New Years' resolutions for 2022. These 8 apps are the best options to make sure you stay aligned with all of your goals.

7 Reasons Mobile Apps May Be Better Than Websites

Mobile apps are growing in popularity in comparison to traditional websites for their ability to increase conversions, improve customer experience, and have versatile accessibility. Find out all the reasons mobile apps are a great option for your business.

Understanding The Cross-Platform App Development Approach

The cross-platform approach for mobile app development can have some advantages over the traditional native platform approach. Learn the pro's and con's to decide which method is best for your mobile app development plan.

Living in Los Angeles? You Need These 8 Mobile Apps

Use these 8 mobile apps in Los Angeles to help you navigate the busy and ever-changing city. Mobile apps can help you find access to transportation, food, entertainment, and more in LA.

How to Build a Roadmap for Great Customer Experience

There are some general rules of thumb you can follow to build a CX roadmap to map out your goals and objectives. a CX roadmap lets your company prioritize the most important needs of your customers while clarifying the steps it will take to reach those goals throughout the year.

Mobile App Security Best Practices for 2022

A guide to the best security practices for mobile app development. Protect your business from cyber security threats by protecting your app and user information.

The Best Travel Apps in 2021

We've compiled a list of the top 10 best travel apps in 2021. From booking hotels to finding experiences, these mobile apps will help you build the best travel experiences.

5 Ways to Improve Your UX Design in 2022

Learn about these 5 ways to improve your UX design in 2022. Follow this guide to help your app rank higher.

What App Developers Need to Consider for End Users

People expect an app for everything – in fact, they expect that they will even have options. If they don’t like an app, they will quickly drop it and look for an alternative. App developers have to keep this in mind and create apps that users will want to continue to use.

Developing an App That Works with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing in popularity for years, in large part because of tools like Alexa. Being able to control devices and appliances remotely from nearly anywhere is a convenience that is incredibly attractive. Not all apps need to work with IoT, but there is a growing demand for more connectivity with better remote controls.

How and Why to Redesign an App

After all of that initial effort to design your app, the idea of redesigning it probably elicits groans and anxiety. The focus of the initial design is in how it looks and that it has all of the essential functionality that customers need. Over time, the look and the functionality simply aren’t going to hold up – that’s simply an inconvenient truth about technology. This doesn’t mean that you need to start redesigning your app as soon as it launches, but eventually you will need to redesign your app. Sometimes it will be to incorporate new technologies, other times an app gets old enough that a new look and feel could be incredibly beneficial. 

5 Tips to Build a Successful App

With apps being such a large investment, you want to make sure that yours is successful. There are definitely obvious incentives you could give users to download and regularly use the app, a really successful app is well designed and useful so that using it is enough incentive. Admittedly, it is easier for some types of apps to provide this than others. However, with the right planning and care, people will continue to use your app.

Invemo Labeled by Clutch Among Los Angeles’ Top App Developers 2021

Mobile phones nowadays are like our wallet in everything digital, from payment gateway to our identities. iOS and Android apps are bringing life to our mobile phones. Imagine your phone without having apps? It’s like an era where you can only use it for calling or texting. Sounds boring, right?

Constant Validation – How to Take Your Dream App and Make It Real 

Ok, maybe dream app isn’t quite the right term – if you are a business, it’s more like a necessity. The problem is translating an idea into an app that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is very functional. While this seems like common sense, a lot of apps launch with some serious problems. 

6 Tips for Designing a Great App

Customers really have two requirements for the apps they use on their phones – it has to be easy to use and easy on the eyes. If you don’t have both of these qualities, then you aren’t likely to retain many regular app end users.

AI, ML, and DL Used in Apps

As a type of science, tech speak has a lot of acronyms, and people in the industry tend to throw around the acronyms with the expectation that other people will keep up with what they are saying. While this does tend to be true more often for technology than most other sciences, that doesn’t mean that people actually understand what the acronyms stand for and what they mean. 

Why Does Your Business Need an App?

Mobile apps are a business investment, and more often than not, a costly one. However, when they are developed right, apps can have a significant return on your initial investment, as well as acting as a fantastic marketing tool.

Security Trends for 2021

App security has become increasingly important. Whether your app is designed for businesses or personal use, security is incredibly important. What makes it particularly difficult is that security is always evolving. With more people working remotely, securing apps has become even more important, and is definitely affecting the trends of 2021.

2021 Mobile App Trend Predictions

During 2020, mobile apps became incredibly popular for businesses as the apps provide a way of connecting with customers. Whether or not you have an app, planning to make changes during 2021 will help give you more visibility and potentially an edge over your competition.

The Top 5 IoT Trends in App Development

The Internet of Things, better known as IoT, has become one of the most popular forms of new technology because it offers a new level of convenience, both on the job and at home.

Five Considerations for Your Entertainment App

Entertainment apps are a unique business that has a much wider range of potential target audiences than any other industry because of the nature of the business. Entertainment includes news, streaming, games, social media, music, ebooks, web browsing, and other miscellaneous ways of distracting oneself.

How to Boost In-app Purchases

Getting people to use your app regularly is just the first challenge. The next big challenge is to get people to make in-app purchases. The problem is how to get people to make more in-app purchases, particularly if they aren’t accustomed to spending money when they are using apps.

Five Considerations for Your E-commerce App

E-commerce apps continue to gain in popularity because of how easy it is to shop using them. Being able to purchase something you need while you are on the go is a convenience that has led to apps becoming essential for nearly every company in the industry. There are several good reasons why e-commerce apps are in the top 5 most often used apps.

Determining the Right Notifications for Your App

Receiving too many notifications or notifications that are deemed to be annoying is the most likely reason people will uninstall an app. For most apps, it makes a lot of sense to have notifications. However, you have to strike the right balance between being helpful and being annoying. There are factors that determine what notifications are needed, such as what type of app you are offering. For example, exercise and learning apps often have daily notifications because people want to be reminded to complete their daily tasks. Other types of apps, like financial and business apps, will require notifications based on a schedule or when something happens to the accounts (such as a deposit or automatic payment).

How to Find the Best Audiences for Your App

Making your app perfect is a fantastic achievement, but if you don’t know how to reach your audience, it is like making a masterpiece that gets put into the attic. You should always know who your audience is before you start working on the app. However, by the end of the process things may change. Even if they don’t, you need to make sure that what you’ve developed actually targets the audience who is most likely to use it.

The Basics of Mobile App Virtualization

Mobile apps no longer need to be downloaded to a person’s mobile device to work. Mobile app virtualization allows you to offer your app to anyone using a mobile device without them having to download your app first. While there are some very obvious reasons why your users will enjoy your app being virtualized (particularly as it won’t be taking up space on their device), there are several benefits for you as well.

Managing Your App Data – The Basics

After launching your app, the amount of data that you will start to receive can be overwhelming, particularly if the app is highly successful. You will start to get data about your app as well as user data. Managing that data is going to be incredibly important to your business and to your users. For user data, you want to ensure that it is secured so that hackers cannot easily steal the collected information. Data about your app will be important for decision making going forward.

Considerations for Your Travel App

Technology has made it possible to do a lot more from anywhere and everywhere, including making travel arrangements and planning for vacations or business. For developers it is a tricky job to establish the right balance between being helpful and being overwhelming. This is why so many apps specialize in just one or two aspects of the travel industry. For example, Airbnb focuses on places to stay and Lyft focuses on ride shares.

The Benefits of Mobile-first and Determining If It's Right for Your App

A mobile-first app approach means that you focus on the design for the app first, and not the website. If your app is different from your website, there really isn’t a question that you should take the mobile-first approach. However, if you provide services or will be offering an app that is similar to your website, then you will need to decide the best way to design your app.

Taking the Right Security Measures

Most users want to know that the apps they use are developed with security in mind. Many even take it for granted that their information is safe until they learn otherwise. You want your users to feel this kind of confidence in your product, so you should take security very seriously at every stage of the development process.

Key Legal Considerations for Your App

With so many considerations to make when developing an app, it’s easy to overlook the legal aspect of the process. Some of these aspects you may already have on your checklist before you publish your app, but others are things that you may not know you need.

Five Considerations for Your Health and Fitness App

Health and fitness apps are one of the most common types of apps in use today. If you want to develop one, you will have a fine balancing act of making your app stand out from the competition while making sure that it provides the features and functionality that the public expects.

Five Considerations for Your Financial App

Financial apps are incredibly popular because people love to be able to check on their finances at the spur of the moment. They want to be able to verify a balance, transfer funds, update information, or a host of other financial aspects right from their phone. However, this convenience comes at a high price to the people who develop financial apps. From security and identity theft to displays and financial data, there is a lot to consider when developing a financial app.

Five Current App Trends

While trends aren’t always reliable, they can be a good way to gauge which direction things are going and to help you get ahead of the competition. When it comes to apps, you also want to ensure that you don’t fall behind the competition.

Improve Your App Conversion Rate

Convincing people to use your app begins with getting them to download it first and try it. From the moment they start reading about your app in the app store to when they start to use that app, your goal is to turn potential customers into regular users of your product or service, as well as regular users of your app. The more people you can get to continue to use your app, the more likely they are to actually make purchases on that app.

5 Industries That Benefit the Most from Apps

Not every business should have an app, but there are some industries where having an app is definitely recommended. This article is not going to include obvious businesses that rely on app use for their businesses (such as ride shares and take out businesses). Nor does it go into social media which is often accessed from a mobile device.

How Design Thinking Helps Meet User Expectations

If you take the time and resources to create a mobile app for your business, you want to make sure it lives up to user's expectation. If you’ve decided that your business needs an app, the next important step is designing an app that your customers will want to use. There are certain expectations about the appearance and functionality that need to be met from the very first moment.

Determining If You Need a Mobile App

It seems like every business has an app these days, whether or not it makes sense . While customers are likely to want to know if you have an app available – it can be incredibly convenient – not every business needs one. Considering the cost to develop and maintain an app, it is a serious investment, so you want to make sure it is something you need before you spend time and money on a product that won’t really benefit your business.

Using Your App To Stay Competitive

Once your mobile app is developed, you can enjoy a brief period of time enjoying your accomplishment. However, soon enough, you will need to get started on making periodic updates and changes to it. Reviewing customer feedback is going to be absolutely essential in that process. According to Statista, only about 32% of users use an app more than 11 times. To make sure your app continues to be used, you need to plan for regular fixes and updates over the life of the app.

Getting the Word out – How to Market Your App

After investing time and money in an app, you want to make sure that people know that it is readily available for use. According to Statista, people accessed apps about 8.3 times every day during 2018. According to Vox, adults in the US spend about 3.5 hours on apps every day. Social media apps receive the most use, with web browsing, mail, games, and music receiving considerable use every day.

My First Mobile App – Planning for a Great First Impression

Mobile apps have become essential for any business, but there are more ways to design them incorrectly than the way you want them to work. While people have come to rely on apps for nearly everything, they are quick to determine when an app simply isn’t living up to what they either expect or need. With so much competition out there, your app needs to have obvious benefits to your customers and be easy to use.