Can AI Enhance Your Mobile App?

AI has become increasingly popular for mobile app enhancement. Learn about how AI features can improve your mobile platform operations, and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

April 14, 2023
Can AI Enhance Your Mobile App?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for the past few years as critical advancements have made the technology more accessible to everyday people. People who don’t work with technology regularly tend to have the impression that AI is some otherworldly and futuristic concept, but as it’s been rolled out into everyday processes it has become normalized. In its essence, AI is a tool for automation by computers that can infer and synthesize massive amounts of data, mimicking the human brain but with stronger efficiency. When implemented into business operations, AI can enhance processes and improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of a business or individual. Since Open AI’s rollout of ChatGPT, AI features are even more in demand and the tech world is working hard to source new opportunities and remain competitive. 

With AI being so normalized and effective, many mobile apps are implementing AI features into their development plan. This has become increasingly popular and could be an expectation for mobile apps in the future. If you’re considering adding AI features to your mobile app, understanding the options and benefits can help you finalize your strategy. 

Why Should Mobile Apps Have AI Features?

Artificial intelligence is a source of growth and advancement for industries of all kinds. When we look at the kinds of complaints users tend to have on mobile apps, they tend to be around process, speed, and efficiency. Users want an experience that is seamless, accurate, and aligned with their own thought patterns and behaviors. AI is helping developers achieve just that, and creating competitive, cutting-edge applications that will thrive in the market. 

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

The benefits of AI extend far beyond standard business goals. AI is a complex tool that is constantly improving itself and leads to better overall products for consumers. Some of the core benefits of AI include:


Automation is the most highly sought-after benefit of AI features. Automation frees time and resources and ensures that processes are done automatically, on time, and in the same structured way each time. It greatly reduces the risk of error and can notify of any bugs or unforeseen issues that may arise. Automation can save your business money, provide a more positive experience for staff and consumers, and improve the quality of your products. 

Customer Relations

AI is becoming increasingly popular for user communication and support. AI-powered chat boxes can respond to customer queries and concerns with fast and accurate solutions. This not only greatly reduces the customer support staff required to keep up with demand, but it also ensures that all users are answered in a timely manner, and their concerns are mitigated before frustration can ensue. 

Research and Data Acquisition

AI software learns over time, and that pertains to customer behavior and data as well. Your AI advancements will allow you to provide more personalized experiences for users once enough data is collected to predict their wants, needs, and habits. For example, TikTok uses artificial intelligence combined with machine learning (ML) to create the most accurate and precise algorithms to exist. This creates a more customized user experience and has driven record-breaking downloads and user loyalty. More businesses are seeing the benefit of this data and are implementing their own AI/ML to create similar experiences. 

Improved Security

We know that users list security as one of their top priorities for mobile apps. If a user lacks confidence in the security of a mobile app, they are more likely to delete it or never download it. AI detection tools use gathered data, insights, and analysis to detect suspicious language, actions, or breaches. This is nearly impossible for humans to achieve, as the amount of scanning would be too time-consuming. AI can also automate security tasks that are traditionally handled by workers, which eliminates the risk of human error or breach. Specific features like facial recognition can improve access points, which have long been a source of security breaches. Overall, many aspects of AI can improve your mobile app's security, creating more trust with users. 

Is 2023 the best time to Implement AI features?

The mobile app industry is more competitive than ever before. There are hundreds of apps released every single day, and without the right strategy, it can be a challenge to find success. To come out on top, businesses should be utilizing the latest trends and technology to keep the modern user interested and satisfied. AI is certainly the most in-demand feature in 2023, and only some businesses have begun to implement them so far. Now is the perfect time to be part of the pioneering apps that use AI in their mobile development plan. If you’re wondering whether or not AI will benefit you, it’s best to think about your long-term plan. If your business is only considering AI for the trend, it may not be the best investment for your business. However, if you can implement it into your long-term strategy for automation, improved customer experience, and advanced operations, it's certainly worth considering. 

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