Mobile Apps on the Rise in 2023

Competition in the mobile market is stronger than ever. Of the millions of mobile apps available for download today, these 8 are on track to be amongst the most downloaded in 2023.

February 28, 2023
Mobile Apps on the Rise in 2023

Every year, mobile app stores witness new apps making their way to the top of the charts, and new trends dominating the industry. This is no surprise, as thousands of mobile apps are added to mobile app stores every day. The industry has the difficult task of sourcing new users and maintaining loyalty by keeping up with socioeconomic trends. In today’s modern world, trends change, and they change fast. Historically, social apps have remained the most popular and the most used on a daily basis. Recently though, apps related to productivity and mental health have inched closer to the top a focus on well-being has increased. In 2023, social media is still a significant player in the game, but other industries are slowly becoming top-tier. While the list of top mobile apps could change over the course of 2023, the following are the top mobile apps to look out for in the year ahead. 


In the social media industry, Facebook is currently the most popular mobile app. In 2022, there were strong predictions that TikTok would surpass Facebook, but these predictions have not come to fruition. Facebook currently has 2.9 billion users and is the largest social network in the world. Facebook has expanded its platform to be not just a social media app, but a worldwide marketplace that's ideal for marketing, small businesses, and paid social. Facebook faced challenges over the past 5 years when labeled “outdated”, but they have risen back to the top with updates to the platform such as live stories, organic content, and a massive expansion for e-commerce. As users shift away from “addicting” mobile apps like TikTok and Snapchat, Facebook is predicted to remain a number one app throughout 2023. 


After the pandemic, online shopping grew exponentially. Originally, this increase was mainly due to safety precautions and the aftermath of Covid-19, however since the pandemic has calmed, Amazon mobile app sales have continued to grow. The modern user appreciates convenience more than anything, and Amazon has certainly fulfilled that desire with its expansive marketplace and access to just about anything you could desire. Today, Amazon has a marketplace that includes everything from household goods and clothing to educational materials, books, and art. Their prime membership offers 1-3 day shipping and an easy-to-navigate platform interface. Additionally, their continuous acquisitions of high-value companies like Whole Foods and Zappos have created an all-in-one experience for their loyal users. Amazon is sure to remain in the top mobile apps of 2023, and likely the years following.


Duolingo is the most downloaded language app in the world. It offers free courses to help users learn new languages, and also has a premium paid option. Duolingo stands out against other language education apps for its vast library of languages that includes dead languages like Latin, and less popular languages like Yiddish and Navajo. Their mobile platform is easy to use and includes regular push notifications to remind users to stay on track with their lessons. Perhaps what sets them apart most is their branding. Their messaging is consistent and on theme throughout the in-app experience, and their content is always encouraging, positive, and friendly. As education becomes a top priority for many mobile app users, Duolingo will likely grow significantly in 2023. 


Spotify remains the number one music streaming platform in the world, and continuously out-competes its well-known competitors, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora. Its competitive advantage lies in its unique branded and customized interface. From hand-selected playlists unique to each user, algorithm-based suggestions, and shareable playlists, users love the individual approach Spotify takes. Music is always going to be in demand, but to be at the top you have to keep up with user demands. Spotify continues to lead the industry and is expected to grow even more in 2023.


There’s no surprise that Slack has made it to the top mobile apps of 2023. Slack became a $7 billion dollar company in less than 5 years, and was recently purchased by Salesforce for close to $30 billion. Currently, Slack has more than 18 million users and is an integral operation in more than 150,000 companies nationwide. Slack is a business messaging app that has the ability to seamlessly connect with other apps, like Google. It makes for easy communication and organization and has a lot of customizable options to make the app unique to each business. With remote work more popular than ever, Slack will continue to dominate the charts in 2023.


Headspace is a mental health mobile app that offers meditation and mindfulness tools and aims to make the world a happier place. With mental health being a focus for most people in 2023, Headspace has made well-being more accessible than ever. Headspace has adopted the convenience factor that's so prominent with today’s users and offers short 3-5 minute meditations. This approach helps to build loyalty, without require an excessive time commitment. In addition, their prevalent theme and brand continue to build affinity and loyalty with users. What’s really set their app apart from others is their ability to turn a rather niche industry, into one that is suitable for just about everyone. Their integration into the professional workforce and widespread marketing have helped them jump to the top apps of 2023. 


Streaming services have taken over the video and entertainment industry, originally with the rise of Netflix. With cable and standard TV quickly dwindling in popularity, mobile apps have become the preferred platform. In the past few years, other streaming platforms have also grown in popularity and revenue, making the competition for #1 even stronger. Today, Disney+ surpasses all streaming services, with over 160 million users worldwide, and $159 million in annual revenue. Disney+ has a vast array of videos for users of all ages and regular features and specials that can only be accessed via their platform. It offers a relatively low monthly subscription cost of only $8 dollars per month, with no advertisement. It also provides an option to bundle other streaming services like Hulu and ESPN, which is an extra bonus for users who have a diverse interest in entertainment. Disney+ can be streamed on your phone, connected to the TV, and has offline downloadable options. As other streaming platforms attempt to get their ranking up, Disney+ continues to be the favorite streaming platform for modern users. 

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