The Top Industries Benefiting from Mobile App Development in 2023

Discover the innovative ways in which these top industries are harnessing the power of mobile apps to revolutionize their operations and drive success in the digital age.

March 2, 2023
The Top Industries Benefiting from Mobile App Development in 2023

Each year the mobile app industry experiences significant growth and is currently one of the fastest-growing markets. In 2022, the industry was valued at approximately $206 Billion and is projected to grow an additional 13% by 2030. Mobile app growth, while impressive, shouldn’t come as a shock considering the average person spends 4.5 hours on their mobile device. Since 2020, businesses have truly recognized the opportunities mobile development can offer, and industries have created breakthrough technology to drive consumer engagement with their mobile platforms. In 2023, a variety of industries will increase in value from taking advantage of mobile app development. Learn how some of the top industries are driving growth and experiencing the most benefits from mobile app development.


Retail is one of the most interesting industries to benefit from mobile development. What once was predominantly a brick-and-mortar market has now transformed extensively well to an online model. Online retail has been growing slowly since the late 2010s, but the Covid pandemic escalated the transition, and now 57% of customers prefer online shopping to in-person. A key factor of satisfaction for retail consumers is convenience, and mobile platforms provide access to goods with just the click of a button. Users can browse more products in less time, connect payment apps, and even communicate with customer service within the app. The convenience, communication, and anytime access have led to the success of online retail, and in 2023 it's more online-only stores will launch alongside hybrid models. This industry is one to look out for in the mobile market. 


Mobile apps are completely reshaping the healthcare industry, and mobile healthcare is growing at a rate of more than 30% each year. The digitization of health services has created more accessibility and convenience for patients, regardless of their needs. Everything from standard check-ins to emergency medicine can benefit from the automation of mobile platforms. Mobile apps provide a seamless user experience and can deliver a variety of resources outside of provider care. More recently, innovative healthcare technology has provided high-quality health screenings and tracking all within mobile portals. These advancements have not only created a more convenient healthcare experience but a more in-depth and accurate one as well. 2023 will continue to see healthcare move toward a more inclusive and accessible industry, with thousands of new apps added each month. 


Education is another industry that was experienced a digital shift as a result of the Covid pandemic. Three to four years ago, the majority of education was in person and even access to educational materials was limited online. Since lockdowns forced hundreds of thousands of students to receive education within their homes, the industry had to adapt quickly and find digital solutions for their students. Mobile applications have been developed for educational institutions, providing students with high-quality curriculums and live virtual classes. Independent educational apps have also been on the rise in the past year, providing users of all demographics access to free or low-cost educational materials on a wide variety of topics. Similar to healthcare, mobile apps have helped the Education industry transform into a more inclusive and accessible resource. In 2023, Education will dominate a large portion of the mobile market and continue to thrive.


Tourism has been booming since the pandemic lockdowns ended, and 2022 saw an increase in international travel of more than 200%. Mobile apps like TikTok and Instagram that boast beautiful destinations and travel guides are partially responsible for the growth in travel for people of all ages. The industry has certainly taken advantage of the increased interest and optimized many tourism-based businesses through the development of mobile platforms. Tourism businesses now have mobile apps for everything from destination browsing, flight booking, hotels, car rentals, itineraries, language transcription, and travel agencies. Mobile apps lessen the stress of travel planning for hundreds of thousands of tourists around the world and increase the likelihood of businesses attracting new consumers. Not only is the process simple, but mobile apps allow users to have all their travel info on their phones. Tourism is projected to grow substantially in 2023, and mobile platforms are driving the majority of that growth. 

Food Services

Food Service is another industry that was pushed to digitize from the Covid pandemic and never looked back. Digital food orders, including meals and groceries, have increased by 237% since 2020. When the majority of the world was in lockdown, restaurants turned to digital platforms to keep their businesses from going under. Over time, customers grew to prefer the quick and convenient method of online ordering, and today, the average restaurant's digital orders make up more than half of their total orders. There is such a wide variety of food service apps, with everything from online groceries to restaurant directories, and more created every single day. Mobile food delivery is one of the fastest-growing industries utilizing mobile platforms and will be in high demand in 2023. 

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