How to Best Market Your Mobile App

A strong marketing strategy is key to spreading awareness about your newly developed mobile app. From traditional marketing to innovative, these marketing tips will ensure your app stands out in the crowd.

August 3, 2022
How to Best Market Your Mobile App

So you finally took the plunge and developed a mobile app for business, now what? The mobile app space is one of the fastest evolving industries right now, and while that offers a huge amount of opportunity, it can also make it more challenging to stand out in the crowd. You can hire the best developer, implement the best features, and have the most eye-catching design-but if nobody knows about it, it’s not going to reach its potential. If you want the investment of your mobile app to pay off and help scale your business, you need to utilize a well-crafted marketing strategy. Marketing the launch and progression of your mobile app will build awareness with your target audience and increase your downloads. There are plenty of tried and true ways to market your mobile app, and these are our top suggestions. 

Email Marketing

If you have a pre-existing business and are using a mobile app to expand into the digital world, you likely have a list of subscribers who receive news and updates from your company. Marketing the launch of your mobile app through email is an easy and effective way to spread the launch of your app! Your emails can look different depending on your brand image and preferred style of communication, but you should always include a certain degree of excitement and note-worthiness around the app. This means including all the reasons your app can benefit users, unique features, and launch details. If you want to really rev up the marketing, send out multiple emails leading up to the launch to build up anticipation with your loyal customers! If you’re planning post-launch emails, include a link to download the app. This gives users a seamless way of getting your app without having to take any extra steps. Whichever way you deliver the launch, informing your subscribers through email is always a good idea. 

Offer a Free Trial 

If your app costs money, offering a free trial is a very effective way to get new users to sign up. On the one hand, people are more likely to be interested in something if it feels like a “deal” to them. People tend to be more intrigued by a free trial of a paid app than a trial on an always free app. Free trials create a sense of urgency and communicate to the users that they won’t always have the opportunity to use the app for free. Users also appreciate companies that believe in the benefit of their products. A free trial shows confidence in your app and the likelihood that new users signing up will want to continue! If your app doesn’t cost money, you can offer free trials on premium products within the app, or a discount on services!

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to get the word about any product, especially mobile apps. Not only do people spend the majority of their screen time on social media, but word of mouth travels fast in that space. Running paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok is going to increase the awareness around your app launch and secure thousands of impressions. Email marketing can be limiting in the sense that only subscribers are getting the push, but social media has the potential to reach a widespread and high number of potential users. Using both methods can ensure you’re targeting client retention and client growth to truly scale your business with your new mobile app. 

Market Through Your Website

If you’re building an app, it's likely you already have a desktop website. This is an easy and free way to display your mobile app launch and spread the word with new and existing users. You can place an ad at the header of your website, or integrate them within the pages of your site. Marketing through your site is effective for so many reasons. First, you can drive more traffic to your website through SEO and ensure more impressions on your mobile app ad. Additionally, users will feel confident in your app when they see an established website to support it. An ad on your website is more likely to re-target people who have considered downloading the app but maybe weren't quite ready yet. It's an easily integrated method of re-targeting that won't cost your business any additional investment. 

Make a High-Quality Video

Static images will likely never go out of style, but keeping up with trends in the marketing world will ensure your brand image stays modern and relevant. In 2022, videos are everything. A high-quality video that shows your mobile app in use and explains the purpose of the platform can ensure positive visibility with your target audience. Users appreciate personality and authenticity, and sometimes a photo isn’t enough to showcase that. Using a short but strategically developed video advertisement can draw in more interest for your mobile app. Plus, a video can be shared on just about any platform, making it ideal for versatility. 

Feature Your Mobile App in an Article

Tech is a really popular industry for product reviews, ranking blogs, and niche market discussions. Companies will always look for new products to feature in their articles. If you can make the connection, having your mobile app featured in a blog or article specific to your niche can generate awareness and get you more downloads. 

Optimize Your Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is the absolute key to visibility on the internet. SEO refers to the ways in which the algorithm organizes which websites come up higher online. For mobile app stores, it's referred to as ASO (app store optimization) There is a real science to getting your app ranked high on the list. Everything from keywords in your description, the name of your app, and deep linking within the app affects its ranking. You want to make sure your app is perceived as highly relevant. If you can optimize the search to have your app ranked higher, you’ll get more impressions and engagement just from users searching for relevant topics!

There are hundreds of different ways to market, but these are our top suggestions to improve visibility and awareness around the launch of your mobile app! With the right marketing strategy, attention to detail, and a true understanding of your audience, these foolproof marketing tips will help build your mobile app to the top! 

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