Mobile Sectors with the Highest Summer Engagement 

Explore the mobile sectors that experience the highest engagement over the summer months, and can benefit from platform optimizations.

June 22, 2023
Mobile Sectors with the Highest Summer Engagement 

Mobile app sectors can experience shifts in trends across the calendar year. From holidays to seasons, certain industries may thrive at different times, giving perfect opportunities for increased marketing, promotional efforts, and platform improvements. In the summer, certain mobile app sectors tend to experience this surge in popularity as they align with habits and seasonal activities. While all mobile apps can take advantage of a full promotional calendar, the following industries can especially benefit from the summer months to engage relevant users and grow their audience. 

Travel and Navigation

With summer comes increased travel plans and millions of people planning their dream getaways. Mobile travel apps have taken over the traditional travel industry, and are now the main platform planning. They provide convenience and real-time information that makes for a smoother experience for users. They can also aid in lowering the cost of travel as in most cases, there is no third party receiving a commission on the purchase. They can offer a personalized experience and ensure users receive offers and updates based on previous searches, rather than vague promotions. 

Mobile travel apps, including flights, hotels, activities, navigation, and cost comparison all experience a significant boost in engagement over the summer months. These sectors can benefit from increased push notifications, social media marketing, and platform optimization to make the most of the season. 

Fitness Apps

Summer encourages people to improve their fitness routines and get their health back on track. Along with the new year season, summer experiences the highest engagement rates for health and fitness platforms. It's also the time of year when users tend to choose which fitness app they will be loyal to for the remainder of the year. To help your fitness app thrive this summer, make sure the platform is high quality and can sync with wearable fitness devices. You may also consider motivational features, including tracking and friend sharing. Customizable options should be included to ensure suggestions and programs are tailored to each user's fitness goals. 

Event Apps

Event and ticketing apps are relevant throughout the year but tend to experience increased engagement over the summer months as concerts and outdoor events pick up. The majority of people use mobile platforms for tickets and event browsing as opposed to a traditional desktop, so it's the perfect opportunity to promote an event app. Push notifications for relevant events depending on location can improve engagement, and general marketing can ensure new users find their way to your mobile platform. 

Photo Apps

Summer is a popular season for traveling, adventures, reuniting with friends, and creating memories with loved ones. There are more events that inspire people to capture their favorite moments and share them on social media or with friends. Photo sharing, photo editing, and photo storing apps all pick up over the summer months and play an important role over the season. The convenience of mobile apps ensures that users can modify, edit, and share wherever they are, whenever they want. Targeting previous and new users and promoting premium features over the summer months can ensure your photo app thrives this season. 

Food and Drink Apps

Outdoor events and dining bring an uplift in the use of food and drink apps. From reservation apps to recipe platforms, food and drink are a theme for many each summer. Restaurants tend to provide seasonal menus, and people hosting outdoor events may want to spruce up their menus and drink offerings. Food and drink apps can take advantage of this seasonality and update their platforms to provide more seasonal features and offers. Offering in-app coupons, sending push notifications for relevant products, and keeping a seasonal theme can all ensure the summer months help your mobile platform thrive. 

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