The Highest Rated Apps of 2022

The highest-rated mobile apps have a combination of strong purpose and solid technical development. Discover the highest-rated apps of 2022.

September 29, 2022
The Highest Rated Apps of 2022

As of September 2022, between the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, there is a combined 5.4 million apps available for download. From healthcare to social media, there are endless options for consumers to choose from when deciding which apps they want to utilize on their mobile devices. While the choice will depend largely on the personality and needs of the consumer, there are some features that will make an app more likely to be downloaded. 

The highest-rated apps have a combination of strong missions and strong technical development. This means, the mobile app has a clear purpose and was developed to run at high speeds with and easy to understand interface. Users are quick to turn away from mobile apps that are slow, have bugs, or seem confusing. Especially in 2022 when development is so advanced, users have very high technical expectations. It helps if the brand has solid branding, strong marketing, and relevance in the market. Popular apps vary between consumer groups and locations, but there are some apps that have consistently ranked the highest based on user reviews. So, let's take a look at some of the highest-rated apps of 2022.


Instagram is a very well-known mobile app that has been around since 2010. Since its launch, the brand has consistently updated the platform to improve its technical structure, interface, branding, features, and relevance. Its mission is to “capture and share moments of the world”. As one of the original social media mobile apps, Instagram has a steady and loyal following with a lot of incentives for new users to sign up. Instagram is able to be linked to other apps and works seamlessly across other platforms. Although Instagram is not the most downloaded today, it remains one of the highest rated across the board. 

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps to ever exist in the mobile world. It was first created in 2016 and currently has 1 billion global users. In the short time it has been around, TikTok has become the third largest social media platform next to Instagram and Facebook. TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. It takes advantage of the social interaction aspect that is huge in today's market while incorporating strong algorithms and a focus on authenticity. While it was originally thought to be for younger users, it has grown to be loved by all ages, consumer groups, and industries. TikTok has a strong development, little to no bug issues, and a platform that calls for regular usage. It remains in the top-rated apps today and is the number one downloaded on all platforms. 

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Spotify transformed the way consumers listen to music back in 2008 when it first launched. Since its initial launch, it has become the highest downloaded music streaming platform and has created a global shift toward music streaming. It has 433 million users, millions of artists, and a host of exciting features. Spotify allows you to create a profile and build playlists of your favorite music that you can share with friends, or post across social media. It also features offline listening, suggestions based on your likes, and a curated newsfeed. It may have emerging competition in the market but remains the highest-rated music streaming platform. 

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Most users consider WhatsApp to be the best messaging app available, which is obvious through its consistently high ratings. WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwide and connects people to their families, friends, and even professional contacts. WhatsApp is beneficial in that there are no fees or charges for SMS messaging, making it easy and convenient for those who have a global network. The app has a very easy interface with your standard messaging features but allows for calling, video, voice memos, and emojis as well. The mobile app is completely free and consistently reliable, making it the popular choice for anyone who seeks a messaging mobile app. 

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With work-from-home policies growing in popularity, it's not surprising that a video calling app would end of the top list for 2022! Zoom follows all of the guidelines for a successful mobile app. It has a clear vision of creating secure and frictionless communication. It has little to no bugs with easy integration into other apps like email, calendar, reminders, etc. It has a variety of features but still maintains a simple and digestible interface. Lastly, it has very high relevance in the market. Most people today spend more time on video meetings than face-to-face meetings. Zoom has been around since 2012 but was successful in responding to the increased needs for its services, and ramping up its platform accordingly. Zoom has a lot of competition in the market, such as Google Meet and Skype, but has been able to maintain the highest rating for its efficient and versatile software. It can be used on a desktop or mobile app, making it easy to access for all users, anytime. 

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HBO Max is a TV and Movie streaming platform that hosts impressive titles and has a wide variety of options within its library. Streaming has become the most popular form of tv and movie viewing, so HBO does have a lot of competition in the market. What makes HBO shine amongst the rest is its high-speed loading, inexpensive membership, and ad-free platform. Most streaming platforms have ads unless you pay a higher cost, and HBO took advantage of the demand for fewer advertisements. HBO is a perfect example of an app that focused on relevance in the market and tailored its features to solve the issues of its other competitors. Even though there are 10+ major TV streaming platforms available, HBO Max remains the highest rated. 

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Gaming was once the most popular sector of mobile apps. Roblox is a gaming platform with over 191 million downloads as of 2022. Roblox is not a game but rather a gaming storefront with multiple gaming options for all of its users. Though older generations may not be as familiar with the platform, more than 50% of smartphone users 16 and under have Roblox downloaded on their phones. This is a huge consumer group and has influenced older users to also download Roblox. Roblox is unique in that all of its games are created by its users. This provides a fun and interactive aspect to the platform, as well as more room for growth within the app. Roblox is successful due to its wide variety of access. It can be used on phones, desktops, and even X-Box or other gaming consoles. Roblox took the route of creating a whole world inside their platform, with specific “currency” that can be used to purchase exclusive games, and other incentives to keep using the platform. Users continue to rate this app as one of the best gaming platforms for its unique approach to gaming, highly developed interface, and interactive features. 

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