AI Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

Explore the top AI-based mobile apps to incorporate into your business operations.

August 14, 2023
AI Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

Artificial Intelligence apps have emerged to assist businesses in streamlining their processes and improving their overall operations. AI-based tools and apps have become an important role in creating a successful, customer-focused business model, and understanding which tools can be most impactful will help your organization integrate AI efficiently. Though new apps are released every single day, many of them now contain AI features, the following are top AI-based mobile apps to incorporate for enhanced service. 


Jasper is an intuitive AI copywriting tool that can help generate impactful marketing content for your audience. The technology behind the Jasper mobile app is factually accurate and assists with tone and style dependent on the prompt that's given. Rather than creating generic content that is comparable to other businesses, Jasper can ensure your content is unique, while still adhering to high-quality standards of copy. With campaigns created in under a minute, Jasper will save your business time and money while promising a higher ROI for your campaigns. 

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Every business has data that needs to be analyzed, and before AI, the majority of this was done through manual spreadsheets and tracking. The Domo app, a mobile-first business analysis tool, automates data analysis and provides real-time insights from your phone. Domo allows for comprehensive collaboration within teams and notifies of any changes to data that could be significant for your business. The app is easy to use and intuitive, helping to simplify your data analysis and provide real-time updates on your organization. 

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Grammarly is a highly-rated writing assistant that is currently the most prominent app in its market. Grammarly automatically assists with grammar and spelling, and its premium version assists with enhanced writing suggestions. Grammarly's AI features use algorithms to make suggestions that align with the tone, style, and purpose of your content so the flow of your writing is streamlined. It has an extremely easy UI design and is used by more than 30 million people every single day. If you want to improve your writing across email, marketing, and communication, Grammarly is the app for you. 

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TopTal Talent 

Toptal is a mobile recruiting app that acts as a full-scale talent acquisition platform. Businesses looking to grow their organization often go through the tedious process of sourcing candidates, analyzing resumes, and organizing multiple rounds of interviews. This process requires heavy documentation, organization, and effort. TopTal automates the process and makes it easy to source top talent, schedule interviews, and manage the full hiring cycle. If your organization is looking to recruit new employees but doesn’t want the hassle of the standard hiring process, TopTal is an excellent tool to assist your operations. 

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Gusto is a popular payroll and HR management app that offers automated payroll and tax filing services on an easy-to-use interface. Gusto saves time with its AI features and provides a self-service portal for employees to easily access their payment information or make any necessary changes to their direct deposit. The Gusto app stays up to date with payment regulations and tax information, while notifying of any potential errors that need to be addressed. Its easily integrated into any size business, and also provides comprehensive reporting for business records. Payroll is a crucial aspect of every business operation, and the Gusto app makes it simple and effective. 

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Notion is a comprehensive project management and productivity app that assists with a wide range of organizational needs. Notion provides everything from goal tracking, project updates, note-taking, templates, document filing, and cross-platform access. It's the perfect platform for complex project management and its AI features help to manage the efficiency and success of your organization. With automatic meeting notes, task handling, and notification systems, Notion ensures your projects stay on track with your goals. If you want your business to be organized and productive, Notion is the app for you. 

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