5 Reasons the Demand for Mobile Apps is Increasing

Mobile apps are growing at an unheard-of rate, and understanding their benefits can explain why the demand for mobile apps is so high in 2022.

August 3, 2022
5 Reasons the Demand for Mobile Apps is Increasing

With over 6.6 billion smartphone users across the globe and more than 200 billion apps downloaded each year, it's no secret that the mobile app space is in high demand. The affinity for mobile apps can be seen far beyond just download metrics and industry utilization too. Growth is everywhere in the mobile space. The actual time people spend on their smartphones is higher than ever, and mobile-only businesses are becoming the norm. What started as a fad for mobile games and special phone features has transformed into a new way of living, and a new reality for what day-to-day life looks like. Mobile apps have opened new windows of opportunity for users, creators, entrepreneurs, and standard businesses. 

Everyone can benefit from mobile apps, and since they have become so accessible, most people are taking advantage of them. So what is it about mobile apps that have led to this rapid growth and increasing demand? What can they offer that other platforms cannot? Here are 5 reasons you may not have considered. 

Instant Access

One of the main reasons mobile apps are so popular is for their immediate accessibility. It’s rare nowadays for people to not have their phones on them, and mobile apps can be opened with just one single touch of an icon. Where desktop websites require access to a computer that isn't always within reach, mobile apps have removed the barrier of location and opened up infinite accessibility. A lot of apps can download information to be accessed even when offline, which addresses any wifi issues that could potentially be an issue on other platforms. Mobile apps are so incredibly easy and convenient that it's no wonder they’ve become the number one choice across the majority of industries. Even traditionally in-store businesses have benefited from the instant accessibility of mobile apps. Retail, banking, and other companies that were working with a certain set of hours and target location can now reach anyone, anywhere. As the world has drifted away from traditional working hours and offices, mobile apps have stepped up to provide 24/7 access across the world. 

Technical Features and Benefits

Mobile apps contain a lot of technical benefits over other platforms and business models. First off, they tend to be much faster than desktops. Desktops tend to store data on a large server which can make the experience slower and more prone to issues. Mobile apps store data more locally and are able to issue mass upgrades in order to address any technical problems. This can solve a lot of customer frustration, and enhance the quality of your user journey overall. Mobile apps are also a lot faster in comparison to in-store models. Take banking for example. How many times have you had to set aside time during your work day to go to the bank and handle a financial situation? Now, you can handle most banking needs within minutes all from your phone. This is true for most services that are offered through mobile applications. The faster process makes mobile apps the obvious choice over physical stores and desktops and has shown to be extremely valuable for people’s time and needs. The customer features like chat boxes and request submission pages can ease the process of getting assistance when needed, and avoid unnecessary phone calls or being on hold for hours. Mobile apps are created with ease in mind, and if developed well, deliver that promise. With fast processing and convenient in-app features, the benefits of mobile apps keep the demand steadily growing. 

The Modern User

Another significant reason for the growth of mobile apps is at the center of it all-the users. There is no denying that the modern user and buyer have different needs than even just ten years ago. Where before the most important aspect of a business was reputation and status, now its experience. It's becoming increasingly less important who you are or where your business came from, and more important that your platform is efficient, positive, and beneficial. Customers today want to feel understood, tended to, and appreciated. It's more important that your platform runs smoothly and creates a personalized interaction than it is to be “well known”. Well-known brands won’t perform nearly as well as smaller companies that create a better journey for users. Websites are difficult to personalize, as are in-store shopping experiences. Mobile apps are the perfect solution to make the best experience for the Modern user. 

Better Communication

Mobile apps offer unique and seamless communication opportunities that are transforming the way we interact with each other and our clients. Mobile apps can communicate through all different types of notifications, reminders, and scheduled interactions. This enforces the ability to be “online” 24/7 and removes time and place as a boundary for business and personal needs. Mobile apps also communicate better with each other in comparison to a traditional business model. It’s now easier than ever to seamlessly connect one mobile app to another, and intertwine different segments of life, business, and individual needs. Whether your favorite shopping app is connected to your budgeting app, or your google drive app is connected to your email app- everything can be set up for success. Before mobile apps, this wasn’t possible. Now, the demand for quick, efficient, and smooth integration has grown. In response to that, the demand for mobile apps has grown with it. 

Branding Potential 

Another significant benefit to mobile apps is the endless potential for branding. It’s important to establish yourself and your business as a brand in order to relate to modern consumers. Having a mobile platform that is easily accessed keeps your business at the forefront of your audience’s mind. Every time a user opens their phone, they have the potential to see your app icon and logo which reinforces your brand's identity. It has been shown over and over that increased exposure to a brand will increase loyalty and affinity. Mobile apps create the ideal platform for constant awareness and allow you to communicate through notifications using your brand's voice and message. Everything from the design, the text, the offers, and the features of your app is a part of branding. Once you find a developer you trust, your potential for branding is endless! 

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