7 Reasons Mobile Apps May Be Better Than Websites

Mobile apps are growing in popularity in comparison to traditional websites for their ability to increase conversions, improve customer experience, and have versatile accessibility. Find out all the reasons mobile apps are a great option for your business.

December 22, 2021
7 Reasons Mobile Apps May Be Better Than Websites

Mobile apps are a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of things. Although they were technically invented in the late ’90s with the first-ever smartphones, it wasn’t until Apple launched their Apple Store in 2008 that apps really blew up. Now, in 2021, most of us can’t even remember life without mobile apps and smartphones. 

There was a time not too long ago when even websites were a novelty experience. It started with only big companies having one, and nowadays it’s almost unheard of for a company not to have a website. Slowly but surely, apps are following suit, and companies are recognizing the benefits of taking their website mobile. With society practically living on their smartphones, and newer generations having an obvious preference for apps in comparison to websites, it’s time to consider that apps may just be the new normal. 

So if you’re company is considering taking the leap from website to mobile apps, consider these 7 benefits of apps as more reason to do so. 

Mobile Apps are Portable

Remember when you had to wait until you got to a location where you could open your laptop, or use a desktop computer? The world is so fast-paced now that there had to be technological advances to keep up. Mobile apps certainly fill that role. Using mobile apps on your smartphone can let you take everything with you from your work, your relationships, your calendars, your meetings, your entertainment, and so on. If you’re taking the train or waiting in line somewhere, you can use that time to catch up on whatever has been in the back of your mind. It’s important to take time away from your phone and connect with real-life happenings, but for those times you need to be moving and doing something at the same time, mobile apps are ideal. 

Mobile Apps Can Be Personalized 

One of the best mobile app features is personalization. Apps are able to communicate with their users based on their specific preferences, search history, and engagement. Typically there are plenty of setting options for users to choose what level of personalization they want, but apps can essentially be a platform specifically made for you. Apps can remember what you tend to use within them, hide areas you don’t want to see, and even make sure any advertisements irrelevant to you are dismissed. This is a an amazing opportunity for companies to excel with customer experience, and for customers to to feel heard and valued. This makes for better business and a better customer retention. It’s a win, win!

Mobile Apps Let You Work Offline

Websites require the internet in order to use them, or even visit them for that matter. While apps also require internet lot of apps have offline features that let you use certain features even when you don't have access to the internet. It’s really convenient to be able to use certain tools within apps wherever you are, especially things like maps, calculating tools, reminders/notes, and so on. You can plan ahead for the times you know you won’t have access to Wi-Fi, and still be productive without it. 

Mobile Apps Can Enable Push Notifications 

Push notifications can really enhance your business and user experience. They can drive user engagement by sending reminders to your users to interact with your app more regularly. With both websites and apps, getting a customer doesn't necessarily mean keeping them. Websites have a hard time keeping track of specific users visits and bringing them back. Mobile apps on the other hand can simply send a quick notification that targets the right user and increases conversions. Push notifications are also a better alternative to other methods of engagement, such as email. Since they’re quick, simple, and can lead you right into the app with one click, it’s a great user journey for clients. 

Mobile Apps Can Enhance Your Branding Strategy 

Having a mobile app is a perfect opportunity to enhance your branding. Between the user journey, the colors, the fonts, the language, and the imagery-its an opportunity to really build on your content strategy. On the one hand, brand awareness will automatically improve since your company will be visible in more places. But within the app itself, making sure it works quickly, has efficient features, and takes advantage of the visual customization-it can boost your brand’s reputation and grow your online exposure. 

Mobile Apps Take Up the Majority of Users Time

New research suggests that 90% of the time users spend on their phones is spent within mobile applications, with only 10% browsing the rest of the internet. That automatically gives you a leg up if you have a mobile application developed for your company. Humans are creatures of habit, so if they tend to prefer apps, they’re unlikely to start using web browsers just for the sake of one or two companies. Additionally, these numbers are expected to keep increasing with time. Getting into the mobile app world now will build your client loyalty before even more companies go mobile. If customers have an interest in your brand, your mobile app will help convert them into paying clients. 

Mobile Apps Can Integrate With Other Apps and Platforms 

User experiences are being even further enhanced with the ability to connect mobile apps to other apps and platforms. For example, a phone service app can be linked to your bank in order to set up automatic payments. These types of connection abilities can really simplify the user experience, make the process seamless so there is no mid-purchase abandonment, and assure your clients return to your mobile app again and again. There is an obsession in todays society with seamless interaction, and mobile apps continue to perfect the art of application integration.

Mobile App Development With Invemo LLC

The benefits of mobile apps are undeniable. From the easy point of access to the many customizable features and branding opportunities, mobile apps can take your company to the next level. If you’re looking for a mobile app developer in the Los Angeles area, Invemo LLC is the best in the area. Our team will build a beautiful app that works efficiently and represents your unique narrative. For more information, contact one of our professionals today.