Avoid These Common Development Mistakes for a Successful Mobile App Experience

Understanding what makes an app user-friendly, and what could hinder the experience will enable you to easily pick and choose from the plethora of features brought into consideration, and make for a successful mobile app experience.

April 28, 2023
Avoid These Common Development Mistakes for a Successful Mobile App Experience

Creating a successful and engaging app requires adaptation and attention to consumer needs in the ever-changing landscape of mobile app development. Trends and preferences change so frequently in the modern digital world, it can be a challenge to decide which features to incorporate, and how to ensure a successful development approach. Many opt to focus on new innovative and trending features, rather than focus on the basic needs of a mobile app. While this can be beneficial in some circumstances,  the main goal of every development decision should be to improve the overall user experience. Understanding what makes an app user-friendly, and what could hinder the experience will enable you to easily pick and choose from the plethora of features brought into consideration. Here we will explore the top mistakes to avoid if you want your mobile app to be successful in both the short and long term. 

Poor Design

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest development mistakes to make is delivering a mobile app with poor design choices. Poor design can mean different things to different people, so understanding your target consumer group should be at the forefront of every decision you make. The reason your key demographics are so crucial to planning effective design is that different groups will have different preferences. For example, a young demographic may enjoy a simplistic design with vibrant colors and small text. An older professional demographic may enjoy neutral tones with large text and basic imagery. Design is essentially the first impression of your mobile app. Everything from the icon to how the color scheme flows within the app, to architectural choices can make or break the success of your mobile business. All of these choices affect the overall user experience, so ensure you have a purposeful plan when making design choices for your mobile app. A failed design plan could lend itself to a failed mobile app. 

Heavy Advertisement 

Advertisements can be a great way to improve your mobile app and source funding for your business. In the modern world, advertisement is everywhere and a small amount is unlikely to scare away potential customers. Too much advertisement on the other hand can be a fast way to lose users. There are two main rules to advertising features that will ensure your mobile app doesn’t frustrate your customers. The first rule is to make your advertising feel like a natural part of the in-app experience. For example, Instagram ads are incorporated into the natural newsfeed and don’t feel like a bombardment of unwanted ads. The second is to provide an opt-out feature. Using Instagram again as an example, users who aren’t interested can simply scroll by. Poor advertising features occur when mobile apps have ads or pop-ups that require an action step in order to exit, such as entering an email or phone number. This creates a “scam” effect and will likely end in users deleting your mobile application. So, while advertising is completely accepted in the mobile app industry, ensuring it's effective and minimal is the best way to please your users. 

Poor Onboarding

Poor onboarding can drastically affect the overall experience for the user within your mobile platform. If the initial experience lacks clear instruction or isn't intuitive, users may get frustrated and decide to abandon the platform before even truly experiencing it. Especially with modern mobile apps having more complex features and tools, clear explanations of what is available and how to access features within the app are key. Believe it or not, this is a common mistake and many apps have failed due to confusing onboarding steps. As a general rule of thumb, your onboarding should be quick, and easy, and provide fool-proof instruction for navigation. It should also cover all aspects of your app and not leave room for “hidden features” which is when an app fails to disclose the entirety of its ability. If you’re spending the time and resources to develop a highly skilled mobile app, you want to ensure your users are effectively informed on how to use it to its highest potential. So, avoid overcomplicating and under-informing if you want your mobile app to be successful. 

Too Many Features

To ensure effective user comprehension, it's important to create a balance between feature-richness and simplicity in your mobile app. A common mistake is to cram too many features into the app. During the development phase, it is crucial to establish a clear vision for your app's objectives. Subsequently, carefully choose features that align closely with your vision and enhance the overall user experience, rather than adding unnecessary features with no clear purpose. If your app becomes overloaded with excessive features, users may perceive it as complicated and overwhelming, potentially leading them to seek out a more streamlined alternative from another provider. In instances where your business encompasses multiple functions that should be available on a mobile platform, consider creating multiple apps instead of cramming them into one, as this approach would avoid unnecessary complexity.

Poor Testing

After creating the initial app, testing user effectiveness and affinity provides valuable feedback for potential improvements. It's important to test both the user experience and the technical aspects, such as processing speeds, bug identification, and code optimization. Ensuring your mobile app works at the utmost efficiency will keep users engaged and satisfied with your platform. Releasing an untested app is a big mistake to avoid, as poor quality is the top reason users delete apps

Mobile App Development with Invemo LLC

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