5 Key Mobile App Trends to Look Out for in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, there is greater insight into the mobile features likely to dominate the market. Find out the top 5 mobile app trends for 2023.

February 28, 2023
5 Key Mobile App Trends to Look Out for in 2023

2022 brought growth and innovation into the mobile app space with new trends in development and design. By the end of 2022, consumer app spending is expected to hit $170 billion, a 27% increase from the year prior. With the success of the market projected to increase even more dramatically through 2030, developers and digital innovators will continue to drive advanced and modernized mobile trends to keep consumers interested. The digital market has become a world of its own, and in order to thrive it must continue to evolve and meet the needs of consumers. As 2023 approaches, there is greater insight into the trends that will likely dominate the market and features that will most excite consumers. Read on for the top 5 trends to look out for. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality Development

By now, virtual reality should be a well-known concept among consumers. With the launch of the meta-verse and virtual gaming headsets, it's no longer outlandish to have AR/VR features in our technology. However, until now AR and VR were essentially limited to video games and large headsets. Mobile developers have seen the fascination consumers have with AR/VR, and have been working to implement similar features into mobile applications. Augmented reality can expand how your mobile phones assist you in both practical and entertaining elements. In 2023, it’s likely the market will see a drastic increase in augmented features for normal, everyday applications. Some examples of how this may look in a mobile app are:

  • Changing colors (hair, paint, background)
  • Virtual designing capabilities
  • Interacting with virtual objects
  • Scaling, rotating, and animating real objects
  • Sounds effects

AR and VR can both enhance the experience of a mobile app, and the possibilities are truly endless for their interconnection. 

Super Apps

Super Apps have slowly emerged in 2022, but are anticipated to spread rapidly over the next few years. Super apps are essentially apps that house other apps within themselves or offer many services. They are an all-in-one platform with an operating system inside another operating system. We’ve mainly seen these apps popular in the East with apps like WeChat, and very few exist in the West. However, the next generation of high-performing apps in the West is looking to take on a similar platform style. Some good examples of emerging super apps are Uber (Uber eats, uber drive), Snapchat (Photo sharing, news, mini apps within), and Amazon (eCommerce, entertainment, groceries). A lot of businesses and developers have seen the growth mobile apps can experience when working with multiple operating systems, so 2023 may be the year we see super apps dominate the market. 

Artificial Intelligence Support Features

Chat boxes and online support are nothing new, but the emergence of AI integration into these chat boxes is something to look out for in 2023. Instead of businesses having employees live on the support chats in mobile apps, it’s becoming increasingly popular to enlist AI communication to support customer problems. AI communication can imitate real conversation and help mobile apps with everything from customer support to social media responses. AI technology will be able to gather keywords and intelligence on your mobile services and form advanced and accurate responses for day-to-day customer communication. Not only can this improve communication and overall customer satisfaction, but it can also reduce tedious workloads for employees and allot more time for other important tasks. 

Wearable Mobile Apps

Smartwatches, health trackers, and fitness bands were a huge trend in 2022. According to market research, the demand for these wearables will expand greatly in 2023 and beyond. A key factor in this growth is the overall digitization of the economy, IoT, and integration of advanced technology. The growth of the mobile app market and its imperative role in everyday life will also drive the demand for wearable mobile apps. While smartwatches dominate this specific space right now, new mobile apps will be made with wearables in mind over the next year. Smartwatches have influenced the market by introducing the demand for a compatible wearable with a visual style preferred by consumers. In 2023, companies will look for collaboration between fashion designers and technology experts to find new ways of implementing wearables. Some potential trends to look out for are AR glasses, health-tracking jewelry, smart headphones, and smart medical devices. 

Advanced UX and Personalization

Last but certainly not least, advanced user experience with improved customization will be a massive focus for 2023. Customization is not a new trend in itself and has been one of the primary trends in 2022 as well. The difference for 2023 is that it will be less of a trend, and more of a necessity. Market research is showing impressive growth with mobile apps that offer advanced personalization. TikTok for example is the fastest-growing and highest-valued mobile app in the market, and this is partially due to its advanced and incredibly specific algorithm technology. There are so many mobile apps to choose from in today's world, that users opt for the experience that recognizes their individuality and preferences. Some trends around personalization that will be added to mobile apps in the next year include:

  • Frequent mobile A/B testing 
  • Data collection for advanced customer experience
  • Personalized in-app messaging and push notification
  • Customizable home pages
  • Algorithm implementation
  • Segmenting app users
  • User progress milestones
  • Geolocation for relevant products/services

Customer retention will be a huge focus for 2023 as mobile competition grows even more challenging to battle. Personalization and a strong UX improve engagement and overall customer satisfaction. 

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