5 Mobile Apps to Help Grow Your Small Business

Small businesses can significantly benefit from mobile apps when looking to grow. Integrating these mobile apps will improve your small business's communication, management, and finances.

August 3, 2022
5 Mobile Apps to Help Grow Your Small Business

Mobile apps aren’t just changing the way we do business, they’re changing how we grow our business too. Small businesses tend to have fewer resources, especially in the early stages, and can always benefit from delegating tedious tasks. We are living in a time of innovation and productivity, where technology is advancing in ways we’ve never seen before. Imagine running a business with seamless administration, record keeping, and communication. Or picture the productivity increase if employees had the bandwidth to focus on big picture goals, creative thinking, scaling, and new projects. With the help of mobile apps, all of this is possible. 

It can be intimidating to dive into the digital world full force, but doing so will take your business farther with less heavy lifting. Outdated processes and methods of growing your business will only set you back. If you want to grow your business to its highest potential in the most efficient way possible, implement these mobile apps into your small business! 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Apps are an absolute must for small businesses. It encompasses a multitude of functions that your team will use on a daily basis. With calendar management, video calls, document filing, and spreadsheets, Google Workspace has it all. 

There are other options for workspaces available, but few are as seamless and accessible as the G-suite. Google workspace allows you to work on private tasks, add in collaborators as you go, and share all stages of your projects with your team. Just about everything in this workspace can be converted to other formats, so you never have to worry about people outside of the G-Suite losing access. Each function has its own app, so you can download the spaces you use the most for your business. The mobile app is perfect for on-the-go tasks and check-ins, but can also be accessed via desktop or iPad. If you’re looking to stay organized and maintain productive workflows, download google workspace today. 

Download Google Workspace


Accounting work can take a lot of time and resources away from small businesses. FreshBooks’ mobile app may just be the solution for those struggling to keep up with their accounting. FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that keeps track of your bookkeeping and financial wellness. This app automates the accounting process by sending reminders to clients, tracking time, organizing expenses, and invoicing clients. With a user-friendly interface and a very straightforward platform, small businesses can maintain accurate accounting without the hassle of traditional bookkeeping. Having FreshBooks accessible from your mobile phone makes it easy to do a quick check in’s on payments, or reference an invoice within seconds. No more digging through pages and pages of record-keeping! FreshBooks is the top-rated app for secure, seamless, and simplified accounting!

Download FreshBooks


When trying to grow your small business, communication is key! Now that we live in a predominantly remote business world, that communication can’t always be face to face. Slack is the next best thing! It’s a real-time mobile chat platform that provides organized communication for you and your team. First, you’ll create a workspace for your company, and then you can add sub-channels within the platform that can be designated for different topics or sub-teams. Do you have a new project with key members working on it? Great, you can make a channel-specific to them! Do you want the main chat where all members of your company can get notifications of business updates and news? You can make a channel for that too! These features give you the power to organize your communication exactly how you need it and ensure anyone who should be a collaborator is added to the group. You can turn on notifications, integrate slack into your calendar, and work seamlessly across mobile and desktop. For a small business to grow, its key players need to be in sync, and Slack is the app for that!

Download Slack


Asana is a leading project management mobile app that can help your small business organize and track internal projects. With an easy interface and transparent platform, all individuals involved can easily manage their time and complete projects in the most efficient way possible. Asana not only creates well-organized pages and spaces for people, projects, and clients but automates complex processes that would otherwise take time away from projects. The Asana app is available for smartphones and even has options for offline access. This is ideal for checking in on projects, even when you’re on the go. You can review work between stages, add in images and links, and check off completed tasks in real-time. When building up a small business, projects can get complicated and you never know what direction they may go in. Using an organized and efficient management app will save you time, resources, and crucial overlooks. Asana will support you and your team through each stage of growth!

Download Asana 


Zelle is a digital banking app that allows payments to be sent to and from clients, directly into the individual's bank account. Digital banking is growing at unimaginable rates, and just about every business has implemented it to some degree. Certain apps charge hefty fees and take days to process. Most small businesses don’t have the extra spending to allocate to unnecessary fees, and using cash is not practical anymore. Zelle can help you avoid these common issues and make or request payment with the touch of a button. You can sign up for Zelle using the phone number or email address associated with a small business account, and link your account to whichever bank your business uses. Transactions do not require a routing number, and once the first transaction is verified, payments will go through automatically. Whether you’re a freelancer, a start-up, or a local Brick and Mortar, Zelle can help you seamlessly grow your small business. 

Download Zelle

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