How Mobile Apps are Fighting Climate Change

Mobile apps are using their platforms to promote positive social change. Learn about how mobile apps are helping in the fight against climate change!

April 29, 2022
How Mobile Apps are Fighting Climate Change

According to annual climate reports, we’re currently facing the warmest global temperatures. In the past 2 decades, we have experienced record-breaking temperature increases with even higher levels predicted for the next few decades. These climate changes can be scary to think about, and the time for action is now. Industries across the board are helping fight climate change, one of them being mobile apps. Whether it’s an app specifically designed for climate change, or a feature that promotes a greener lifestyle, mobile apps are paving the way for climate-friendly lifestyles.

Mobile App's Influence on Social Change 

As a prominent industry in the digital era, stakeholders and leaders of the mobile app space have taken on the unique role of influencing lifestyles that are aligned with positive environmental impact. Mobile providers around the world have already come together with the goal of reaching a zero carbon footprint. Now, mobile apps are directly communicating these goals through green features, and environment-focused applications.

It’s not uncommon for users of mobile apps to feel a sense of connection and loyalty to the app or brand! This relationship allows the mobile app industry to be truly influential. Mobile apps present a powerful opportunity to not only share crucial information regarding climate change with millions of users but to connect its users with a like-minded goal of working to improve our planet. 

Environmental Mobile Apps

There are different ways to influence positive climate change through mobile apps. The most common and effective is developing apps that directly serve an environmental purpose. These apps can be centered around anything from carbon footprint, recycling, sustainable shopping, and reducing water waste. 

The features that make a strong environmental app include tracking/monitoring, data and information, guides, reward systems, sharable content, and social media linking. Just like any successful mobile app, the best green-friendly apps have a good user experience and accessible functionality. There are a few apps on the market right now that successfully focus on environmental principles.

Earth Hero App

Earth Hero

Earth Hero promotes positive environmental habits through its platform by connecting you with a green-friendly community, providing a carbon footprint calculator, and letting you share your actions and thoughts with others! This app has everything you need to make a positive effect on our climate crisis. This app is easy to use and has a great design, giving it a strong foundation to make a positive impact on society! Track your growth, find new green goals, and spread the message with Earth Hero.

Download Earth Hero

Joro App


Joro analyzes your spending habits to provide action steps that will build you a more sustainable lifestyle. Joro helps users make small changes in spending that make a big impact on the environment! The app looks at the emissions of your purchases and provides easy-to-read reports so you can understand where you're leaving the biggest carbon footprint! It’s a beautiful and easily integrated mobile application for anyone looking to make small but powerful changes!

Download Joro

Mobile Apps with Green Features

Many apps encourage their users to make better environmental choices, even if the app itself isn't climate-focused. There are a lot of ways apps can promote social change, including planting trees as rewards, labeling sustainable products, and pushing climate-related notifications. There are some mobile apps that are available now with successful green features. 

Flora App


Flora is an environmental-themed habit tracking app that helps you stay on top of your to-do lists. While you can keep track of anything you want, the app promotes green-friendly choices and plants real trees as a reward for reaching your in-app goals. This app is a great example of green features to correspond to a broader app! The app is free, but there is a paid option that allows you to pay for additional tree planting if you feel called to help the planet even more!

Download Flora

Thrive App

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a successful food marketplace that aims to help people live a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price. Though they have a broader vision that exceeds just environmental impact, they do a great job of labeling sustainable products so users know when they’re making green choices. This brand regularly promotes climate-related information, advice, and actionable steps. Users who regularly interact with thrive market can easily reduce their carbon footprint and waste. If lowering your carbon footprint is a top goal, you can even sort products by sustainability directly! This is an excellent app that ties in green features with a multi-purpose platform. 

Download Thrive Market

The Future Of Mobile App Influence

As mobile apps continue to dominate the digital era and experience unheard-of growth percentages, it's likely their influence will only grow with them. Mobile apps have an upper hand in influence, as research shows most smartphone owners spend 60% of their time on mobile apps! For mobile apps looking to make a change, a  green focus is a great way to do it. 

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