How to Successfully Launch Your Mobile App 

Want to ensure your mobile app launch is a success? These app launch tips will guide you through a successful launch cycle!

August 3, 2022
How to Successfully Launch Your Mobile App 

The mobile app industry is booming, and businesses of all kinds are benefiting from developing their own apps. Even businesses who never thought a mobile app could benefit them are now more likely to consider taking the leap. Mobile app usage is up more than 45% since pre-pandemic, and desktop usage is slowly declining. With the majority of engagement happening through smartphones, now is the time to shift your business model to a mobile focus. Yet. with more than 2 million apps available and more released every day, how can you ensure your app launch is a success? Once you’ve put in the time and resources to develop your dream app, use these tips to have the best launch possible!

Market Research

Doing your research is the most accessible, and often overlooked step in the launch process. It’s no secret that there is a lot of competition in the market today, but there is also a lot of feedback that you can be used to your benefit. Take mobile apps that provide a similar service to yours for example. Reading the reviews to see what areas left customers unhappy or dissatisfied can give you a competitive advantage. Whether competitors have room for improvement with their UX design, user journey, or product- you can learn from their downfalls and address them in your app launch. You should conduct a SWOT analysis to define your app's core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and have a business plan that addresses each aspect. 

Aside from your mobile app itself, researching your target demographic and the marketing tactics that tend to succeed can ensure you don’t waste marketing dollars in the wrong verticals. As with any product launch, if you're reaching the wrong audience, it won’t be successful. Understand your audience and market to them in relevant, relatable ways. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is an industry-wide practice that falls within both the marketing and testing for pre-launch. It brings numerous benefits and real-time results that provide profitable insights on specific features your business plans to incorporate. A/B testing essentially segments an audience to test different feature options or other app variables in order to see which performs better. A/B testing can incorporate marketing tactics, app features, design aspects, user journey options, and even pricing. It all comes down to which areas of your mobile app you’re looking to optimize, and where you feel your biggest vulnerabilities are. A/B testing is the perfect pre-launch assessment to nail down how you will approach the actual launch!

Consider a Multi-Platform Launch

While it's common to launch on either iOS or Android, cross-development may prove to be the most profitable option. There are pros and cons to any approach, but launching a cross-platform app can widen your audience and save you additional development costs down the line. Cross-platform application development can be compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems like iOS, Android, and the web. Other aspects, like testing, can also be more effective with a cross-development approach. In the event that testing or changes need to be made pre or post-launch, only one app would need to be addressed. If you create a separate app for each platform, more time and resources would need to be allocated to updating, testing, and launches. 

Secure Social Accounts for your Mobile App

Creating a website and social accounts for your mobile app will ensure you have the digital platforms to promote the news of your launch. You can share updates about development, and keep potential customers interested throughout the stages of your app’s creation. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of social media that can go beyond only marketing! Similar to the steps previously discussed, you can use social platforms to run surveys about users' preferences and test out which marketing tactics bring in the most engagement. 

Most importantly, you will build anticipation. If you’re launching with a special promotion such as a free trial or discounted product, let users know weeks in advance so they can start to gain excitement. Interest is key to a successful launch, so find out what your users like and deliver it to them in a way they can easily access it!

QA Testing

Of course, the social aspect of your mobile app platform is important, but the functionality of the app is even more significant. If your app does not perform well, it won’t matter if your service is desirable. QA testing is essential to make sure there were no errors in development that can lead to the app crashing or not functioning properly. There are so many complex details in mobile app development, and small errors can lead to a big issue down the line. Making sure the engineering aspects of development run smoothly is essential. 

Mobile devices have a lot of considerations, such as screen size, extensions, and software. These variations require testing across the board to make sure all potential customers' devices will be compatible. Hopefully, you have hired a qualified mobile app developer with strong engineering knowledge who performs these tests routinely before a launch!

Post Launch Considerations

Once you have successfully launched your mobile app, the work is not done! It’s important to maintain marketing and outreach as your work through the early stages of launch. Asking users for reviews can give you updates on customer insights and help you address any issues that may have been overlooked during the preparation stages. 

To keep up with marketing, try partnering with high engagement sites or social platforms, and even work with influencers in your industry. Making high-quality content, such as videos of people using your app or success stories can attract new and relevant users. You want to keep excitement about your app high for as long as possible! Remember, there are millions of users who could be interested in your app, they just need to find out about it!

Last but not least, be sure to track your progress with downloads, clicks, engagement, and retention. Keeping a record of daily sessions, AOVs, and app session length can give you important information on what's working, and what needs addressing down the line. You can cross-reference your progress with your marketing efforts for even more insight into where you should be allocating your resources. No matter how or where you track, make sure you keep a routine schedule and method of documentation so you have a record of your growth, strengths, and weaknesses!

The modern customer is constantly looking for new ways to improve their lives, and with the right approach, the right resources, and the right developer, your mobile app can be the next choice. 

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