Considerations When Developing a Health App

With endless innovation and growth in the health app space, now is the perfect time to develop your mobile health app! Understanding development choices and having a strong vision for the purpose of your mobile app are key to building a successful mobile app.

April 29, 2022
Considerations When Developing a Health App

If you have an amazing idea for a health app but you’re not quite sure how to get started, then you’ve come to the right place. When building a health-related mobile app, or any app for that matter, having a clear vision for the platform itself is only part of the solution. Understanding the development process, as well as the different features that are available, is key to creating a successful mobile app that will represent your vision and speak to your users. 

The health field has always been prominent, and in 2022 it's one of the fastest-growing industries in mobile app development. Between healthcare, self-care, and mental health, the possibilities for growth within this market are endless-and they really make a difference! Plus, with new innovations in the mobile app space, there are more options for unique features and customizable user experiences. So, with your unique vision in mind let's explore the different approaches available for mobile app development in the health space. 

Why Develop a Health App?

There are endless categories to develop a mobile app for, but health is still a top contender. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increased need for health-related technology and communication. During the past few years, our wellness has been on the forefront of all of our minds, and yet most of us were living through lockdown or dramatically cutting down the amount of in-person health visits we went to. Healthcare industries took the initiative to ramp up their technology and give clients easy access to their facilities through mobile apps. Now, patients can speak and message their doctors and access their medical files all through one mobile application. 

Healthcare is just touching the surface of what a health app can look like. Mental health for example is also more important than ever. There is an increased need in society for easy, accessible mental wellness platforms. Apps like Talkspace or Cerebral are becoming standard mental wellness resources that are even being built into employee benefits programs. Everything from therapy, to meditation, and informative platforms can be built into a successful mobile health app. Mobile health is expected to reach $103 Billion by 2023. The technical progress made over the past few years combined with the increased need for health resources makes it the perfect time to develop your health app. 

What Category Should Your App Fall Into? 

While it’s common to already have a vision for your mobile app, some may be just starting to explore the potential of app development. If you’re not quite sure which category you want to develop within, consider these high performing sectors:

  • Telehealth
  • Mental Health
  • Lifestyle & Wellness
  • Fitness/Workout Programs
  • Women’s Health
  • Condition Information Resources
  • Treatment Scheduling Services

What Features Should You Consider for Your Health App?

Once you have a basic understanding of the purpose of your app and what problems it might solve, you can start to consider the different features that are able to be developed into your platform. Features are what’s going to make your app successful. You want to choose relevant features that will make the user experience better, more convenient, and unique. Avoid adding too many and risking your mobile app being overwhelming. You also don’t want to have features that are confusing to figure out or require a lot of effort to use. Here are some features that may be a good fit for your mobile app:


If you’re building a health app for lifestyle or wellness, it’s likely your platform will encourage taking actionable steps toward improvement. Including an interactive tracker in your mobile app will help your users keep track of their progress and document it over a long period of time. This will make your app more than just a resource for information, but a resource for a change! So whether you're tracking water, calories, hours of meditation, or daily walks-adding a tracking feature (bonus points if it syncs with other apps on a smartphone!) is sure to drive more downloads for your health app. 

Mobile App Messaging 

Is your health app connecting doctors with patients? Or trainers with clients? If there’s an aspect of person-to-person interaction, adding a communication feature is key for success with your mobile app development. Users want to be able to access everything within one simple, clean space. If you’re giving health advice or setting goals within your app, make sure users can actually communicate with their guides! This can be done with a messaging feature, chatbox, or customer engagement section. One thing to keep in mind is making sure your developer is creating secure and encrypted messaging features. Security should always be a priority with features that share potentially private information. 

Push Notifications and Reminders

Adding reminder features to your mobile app will make a significant difference in how often users interact with your app. It also helps to hold users accountable for any goals or programs. If your health app is focused on wellness improvement, push notifications can alert your users it's time to log in and access your app. This pushes them to keep up with daily plans they may have in place and also alert them if it's been a while since they logged in. Reminders are a feature that can benefit both the user and the app developer. They let your users stay on track with their goals all while increasing your mobile app engagement! 

Artificial Intelligence

If your mobile app is focused on healthcare, symptoms, and conditions- adding AI features can massively improve the user experience. AI chat boxes or search bars can allow users to input their questions or symptoms, and generate relevant advice, suggestions, and even nearby care! AI can also be used to scan images and healthcare documents to provide crucial information to doctors or patients. There are too many verticals in AI to narrow them down to one specific feature, but consideration of its ability to improve your mobile app is worth it!


Last but certainly not least, the ability for a user to customize their mobile app experience is going to make your app better suited to their individual needs. Users don't want to have to sort through irrelevant information or features every time they log in to your app. We are in the age of personalization and targeted development, meaning it's no longer beneficial to provide the exact same experience to each user. Instead, let your users create a space within your app that is personal to their habits, goals, and preferences! Whether your app gathers data at the time of signing up to personalize the experience or follows an algorithm overtime-customizable features will ensure your users form a connection with your health app. 

Develop Your Health App With Invemo, LLC

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