Living in Los Angeles? You Need These 8 Mobile Apps

Use these 8 mobile apps in Los Angeles to help you navigate the busy and ever-changing city. Mobile apps can help you find access to transportation, food, entertainment, and more in LA.

February 28, 2023
Living in Los Angeles? You Need These 8 Mobile Apps

Los Angeles, home to almost 4 million inhabitants, is booming with activity, places to see, and experiences to try out. These reasons are what drive people and companies into the city in the first place. It’s an opportunistic and exciting place to be,  but it can be overwhelming to navigate all the moving parts. Luckily, there is an app for almost everything now. From restaurants to transportation and housing, industries have grasped the importance of making their services available on smartphones. 

The world has shifted to a predominantly digital world, and the results have been nothing short of transformative. The convenience of digital access saves time, money, and resources. For people living in Los Angeles, mobile applications can help you live your day-to-day life more effectively. We’ve put together a list of the 8 essential mobile apps to help you navigate life in Los Angeles. 

Metro Transit Mobile App

1. Transit

If you don’t have a car in LA, the easiest way to get around is the subway or bus. But, like most things in Los Angeles-it can be hard to know how to get to where you’re going! What bus should you take? When is it going to arrive? Transit’s mobile application for LA buses and subway uses real-time data to map your ride and get updates on departure time. This app is simple and easy to navigate, and even lets you compare all of your transit options. 

Download Transit (iOS, Android)

ParkMe App

2. Park Me 

Anyone who does have a car in Los Angeles knows how brutal the parking situation can be. Between overpriced parking spaces and unreadable street signs, it can feel impossible to find a good spot. Park Me LA finds available parking near your destination and allows you to pay ahead of time to reserve the spot. The mobile-app gives lets you set a parking timer to avoid fees and tickets, has daily and monthly rates, and lets you compare prices. This mobile app is a must for Los Angeles residents. 

Download Park Me: (iOS, Android)

Uber Mobile App

3. Uber

If you’ve ruled out public transportation and self-driving, the Uber mobile app will be your best friend in LA. Whether you’re going across town or need a ride home after a late-night with friends, Uber provides safe drivers with just a click of a button. Uber lets you read reviews on available drivers, compare prices and waiting times, and even schedule a ride ahead of time. The app is extremely user-friendly with a lot of in-app perks. You can see your route happening in real-time, report any lost or missing items, and even request stops along your way. 

Download Uber (iOS, Android)

Our Malibu Beaches Mobile App

4. Our Malibu Beaches

One of the best parts about living in Los Angeles is the access to all the beautiful beaches. But, there are a lot of beaches you probably don’t even know about. Our Malibu Beaches mobile app gives you exact directions to nearby beaches and warns you of which “private” signs are real vs fake. A lot of beaches in Malibu aren't fully private, and this app’s mission is to give access to the public where it rightfully deserved. 

Download Out Malibu Beaches (iOS, Android)

All Trails Mobile App

5. All Trails 

Los Angeles isn’t exactly known for its hiking scene, but it should be! When you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, there are tons of amazing hiking options within a reasonable distance of LA. All Trails is one of the best mobile apps for outdoor exploration. It holds the largest collection of hand-curated trail maps that are downloadable for offline use. The app also lets you search photos, ratings, and trail descriptions so you can choose the right trail for you. This mobile app is perfect for exploring a different side of Los Angeles. 

Download All Trails: (iOS, Android)

Thrillist Mobile App

6. Thrillist

Thrillist is your one-stop shop for food, drinks, and entertainment all around Los Angeles. Their mission is to serve the curious and be an advocate for exploration and travel. Once you sign up for Thrillist’s mobile app for Los Angeles, you’ll receive a curated list of restaurants, entertainment, themed events, and niche recommendations. From vegan pies to pop-up shops, Thrillist has it all. If you love to explore and get the most out of living in LA, this is the mobile app for you. 

Download Thrillist: (iOS)

Time Out Mobile App

7. Time Out LA

With so many events going on in LA, you need a mobile app for updates if you don’t want to miss out. Time Out LA is a mobile app for news, latest events, and even editors pick for top entertainment. You can browse through different restaurants or shows on your own, or let the app curate a list of relatable happenings for you. Need a bonus? Once you find something you love, you can reserve your spot and pay right from the app!

Download Time Out LA: (iOS)

Mint Mobile App

8. Mint 

If you’re going to go to all the amazing restaurants, events, and beaches in Los Angeles, you probably want to make sure your finances are in check. Mint is a mobile budgeting tool and planner that lets you set financial goals and keep track of where your money is going. Forget about those 12 subscriptions you signed up for and meant to cancel after the free trial? Mint can help with that. You can see your month-to-month income and track all of your spending. It’s the number one most downloaded finance app and must-have mobile app in Los Angeles.

Download Mint: (iOS, Android)

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