Avoiding Copyright Infringement with Your Mobile App

Learn the essential steps to avoid copyright infringement during your mobile app development process.

August 14, 2023
Avoiding Copyright Infringement with Your Mobile App

Mobile app development is a thriving industry, with new apps released every single day. As consumers shift their priorities to mobile access and the landscape continues to evolve, more businesses are recognizing the value of offering a mobile version of their products and services. However, as the market becomes more competitive and dense, it's crucial to be aware of copyright laws to ensure that your app does not infringe upon others and that others do not infringe upon you. Copyright infringement can happen more easily than one might think, and the repercussions can cause severe damage to your business's reputation and financial well-being. Taking steps to avoid copyright infringement will ensure you can navigate mobile app development in a safe and productive way. 

Conduct Research Prior to Development

It's not uncommon for businesses to share similar services, products, and even brand identities. So, while having a similar business is typically not a legal issue, developing an app that's identical to another’s can be. Prior to developing a mobile app for your business, conduct thorough research to ensure no elements you wish to include have already been copyrighted. Ensuring you that elements are off-limits ahead of the development will help you avoid legal action from competitors and provide the opportunity to copyright your own elements where necessary. 

Secure Permissions and Licenses for Borrowed Content 

Mobile apps often utilize other content for their platforms, including music, designs, images, and videos. This is a common way to incorporate popular elements that will resonate with modern users, and when done properly it's entirely legal. However, under copyright law, creative content remains under the ownership of the original owner. It's highly recommended to secure licenses and usage contracts to avoid any legal action. Contracts can be adjusted for the length of time you wish to utilize the content, and it's important to consider long-term goals as you budget for content use permissions. No matter what type of content you wish to borrow, always ensure you secure the rights to use or own it prior to implementing it into your mobile platform. 

Use Original Content 

The best way to ensure you avoid copyright infringement is to generate original content for your mobile app. Not only is it a safer approach, but consumers appreciate unique platforms and it can significantly help your marketing strategy. Often times in-house content is more relevant to your brand and products and can tell a more compelling story to your current and potential users. Businesses can utilize in-house creators or hire freelancers to help generate unique, effective, and completely original content for their mobile platforms. As brands and businesses crack down on copyright laws and impose more legal action, this is a crucial consideration for the well-being of your platform. 

Stay Up to Date on Copyright Law Changes

Copyright laws change over time as Congress seeks to provide protection for artists and creators. While the general outline of laws has been similar over the years, specifics and details can vary and it's important to know all aspects of the laws you have to follow. Definitions of what classifies intellectual property, trademark regulations, and license regulations should be monitored to ensure your mobile app is following standard guidelines. 

Trademark and Copyright Your Own Content 

Infringing upon others' rights with your mobile app is not the only concern for your platform. Other businesses may infringe upon your brand and illegally use your original content. The first step to avoid this is to ensure you properly trademark and copyright your content so that in the event someone does improperly use it, you are justified in taking legal action. You should then include your copyright terms in your mobile app for transparency under your terms and conditions, especially outlining your terms of use and regulations for content. Securing rights to your content is an important process that will help keep your platform original and unique to your brand identity and mission. 

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