6 Mobile Apps To Increase Your Productivity in 2022

Mobile apps can improve and expand the productivity of businesses and individuals. Having your favorite supportive tools right in the palm of your hand makes mobile apps the best option for staying organized and checking off your to-do lists. These are the top 6 mobile apps for productivity.

October 4, 2022
6 Mobile Apps To Increase Your Productivity in 2022

Increasing productivity is a significant focus for businesses in 2022. There’s only so much time in one day, and learning to make better use of that time can set you up to reach your goals, increase growth, and check more off the list each day. But, with so many things going on in both our personal and professional lives all the time, most of us need an extra push to stay productive.

The right kind of productivity tool is something that is easily accessed, simple to use, and effective. Journals and spreadsheets may have been best practices years ago, but remembering to pack your journal or keep track of your to-do list when you head out for the day is a chore in itself. Most of us misplace both before we even get the chance to use them! Now, we have mobile apps to step in and solve that problem. Since you can access your mobile apps whenever you have your phone, downloading apps specifically for productivity can ensure you always have supportive tools with you. More and more productivity apps are becoming available for download, and they are helping millions of users achieve more every day. If you want to take your business or personal time to the next level, here are our top recommendations for productivity mobile apps. 

Focus To-Do:Focus timer&Tasks by Wen Zhou
Focus To-Do Mobile App

Focus To-Do

One of the downsides of being on your phone a lot is all the different distractions that stand between you, and you getting your work done. Focus To-Do is a mobile app intended to help with exactly that! This mobile app allows you to compile all of your tasks and organize them based on priority. Once you decide which task to focus on, the app sets a timer and blocks other distractions from being used until the timer is up. Unlike some focus apps, this app blocker is only a warning, and if you choose to ignore the warning, you can still go into other apps. The best part of Focus To-Do is its ability to synchronize with other devices and compile reports at the end of the day. It even has white noise options for an extra push to focus. If you’re looking for a seamless and integrated productivity app to manage tasks, Focus To-Do is a must-try!

(iOS, Android)

Productive - Daily Habit Tracker
Productive Mobile App


The name might seem a little obvious, but there is a lot more to the  Productive mobile app than it might seem. When you sign up for the mobile platform, you will be prompted to answer questions about your current habits and goals. From there, the app will personalize a plan to improve your productivity and challenge your individual procrastinations. The app is well-rounded and includes plans for both work and personal growth. You can get customized reports, advice, and get daily push reminders for certain goals. This mobile app goes above and beyond with recognizing all of the parts of one’s day that contributes to overall productivity. If you’re looking for a support tool that's personal to you and takes your whole life into consideration, sign up for Productive today!

(iOS, Android)

Evernote Mobile App


One element of productivity is the ability to compile all your thoughts, notes, and resources into one readable place. A lot of time is wasted on trying to find lost or misplaced details, sorting through paperwork, or trying to remember that one detail that slipped your mind. With Evernote, all of these things can be easily put into one clear, searchable space. As one of the leading note managing apps, Evernote is praised for its ability to organize everything from written notes, photos, links, and audio files all in one space. You can sort your files by topic for easy access. Plus, if you ever lose something you can simply search with relevant keywords. This mobile app is compatible with other devices, so simply sync this app to your favorites and you’ll have one streamlined space for all your important (and miscellaneous!) details. 

(iOS, Android)

Pocket taps Amazon Polly to let you listen to articles just like podcasts |  VentureBeat
Pocket Mobile App


Have you ever been in the middle of a busy day, when you come across an article or video you’d really love to check out? These “quick” breaks tend to take us down rabbit holes of distractions. What was supposed to be one video, somehow turns into 5! With the Pocket app, you can save all these videos and articles you want to check out, and come back to them later. Everything from videos, articles, stories, songs and news posts can be saved for you to create your own personal content space. This app is amazing for people who want to be productive, but don’t want to miss out on great content. The best part of this app? Once something is saved to your Pocket mobile app, you have access to it at anytime-even when offline! If you want to keep your productivity high but keep your interests in mind too, Pocket is the “read-it-later” app for you. 

(IOS, Android)

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Google Calendar App

Google Calendar

Nothing screams productivity like a good calendar with all of your deadlines laid out in front of you. Google calendar allows you to schedule meetings, tasks, and collaborate with co-workers and friends. It's easy to keep track of all your to-do’s with their visual color organization and push reminders. One of the best parts about this app is its ability to be interchanged with other software. Even if someone else may not be on Google Calendar, you can still collaborate on tasks and have the event integrated into their own calendars- this makes individual and group productivity limitless! Each event has the capacity to hold notes, links, images, and even presentations. Since it’s all held within your phone, you don’t have to worry about missing anything while you’re out for the day. Sync this app with your smartwatch, tablets, or other devices for even more efficiency! 

(iOS, Andrioid)

Notes App

Notes App

Sometimes all you need is a simple, uncomplicated notes app. The apple notes app comes pre-downloaded on all iPhones and has become a favorite for many users. While it used to come with little to no features, the app has been renovated for efficiency and detail. Use this app to jot down random notes and reminders, or take it to the next level and create smart folders with shareable data and checklists. At the end of the day, productivity is about working and finding tools that you will actually use. For people who just can’t commit to multiple apps or downloading complex software, just stick with the old fashion notes app! 


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