Marketing Tips for Your Mobile App This Holiday Season

Want your business to make the most of holidays? Try these mobile app marketing tips to drive more consumers to your mobile platform this season.

February 28, 2023
Marketing Tips for Your Mobile App This Holiday Season

If you read our previous blog post, you know mobile apps are the key to success during the holiday season. Each year, the amount of holiday shopping on mobile platforms increases, and in 2022, it's expected to hit record-breaking levels. This year, experts in the mobile commerce industry predict a minimum 6% increase since 2021. If your business has a mobile app, you’re already ahead of the game. But, the real secret to success is effective marketing. Using the holiday season to your advantage and organizing an effective marketing strategy to reach your target users will ensure your business thrives during the most competitive shopping period of the year. Implement the following marketing ideas if you want to have a big impact this year. 

Use Data to Your Advantage 

Your mobile app likely collects first or third-party data from the users that interact with your platform. This data is the key to not only the holiday season but targeted marketing in general. Rather than running general Facebook or Instagram ads to an undefined audience, target specific users who are more likely to be interested in your product. Once users consent to data collection, your mobile channel will be able to collect crucial information on how users are interacting with your platform. For example, how long they stay on your mobile app, their age, their general location, and their preferred products or categories of interest. By incorporating this data, all of your marketing strategies thereafter will automatically be more effective. Most users actually prefer this type of targeted marketing, since it creates a more personalized shopping experience tailored to the individual. So, make sure your very first step in your holiday marketing plan is gathering the necessary data, and understanding your audience. 

Plan Your Holiday Marketing Calendar

It may seem like the obvious choice to focus your core marketing around larger shopping events like Christmas and Black Friday, but the true holiday season starts in early November and doesn’t end until February. If you’re only marketing for super key holidays, you’re missing out on a whole calendar of potential. In November, holidays like Singles Day, Thanksgiving, and Small Business Saturday are all key marketing events for mobile apps. Many users appreciate these events more than the larger, more commercialized shopping events.  

In December, while Christmas may be the most prominent shopping event, it's also the ideal time to market for New Year’s and Valentine's Day. In fact, smaller holidays can present an even greater reason to market as the larger ones naturally draw customers and may not require as much advertising. Many users are bombarded with cyber deals, and Christmas specials, and would benefit from promotions outside of those. So take advantage of the full calendar and spread your marketing campaigns over the months. Start your marketing early and continue it through the end of the season. To level it up, use the data collected through your mobile app to discover when your users initiate holiday searches. This will increase your exposure to reach users you may not have otherwise. 

Get Creative With Holiday Themes

In today's world, it's practically impossible to escape advertising, and that has caused some challenges for businesses. While years ago practically any type of advertising could convince a user to get a product, today it's a bit more tricky. In fact, research shows that users are more likely to be influenced by advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising. Mobile apps, especially for smaller businesses, have more potential to create a less commercialized feel for their ads. Creating holiday-themed ads that truly speak to users should involve a combination of excitement around the event, and highlighting relevant products. 

Some ways to achieve this are by updating your app icon to a holiday-themed design, adding holiday UX animations within your mobile platform, and sending segmented holiday themed push notifications. Ensure your app's main homepage highlights your holiday specials or most relevant products. You want your user to associate your app, or the products and services within it, with the holiday you are marketing. These small tricks will ensure users don’t get overwhelmed with advertisements, but still, go to your app for holiday deals. 

Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media

When used strategically, apps like Instagram and Tik-Tok can be extremely valuable for holiday marketing. For starters, since they are also mobile platforms, marketing on these apps allows you to automatically redirect the user to your mobile platform. This makes for a seamless transition and doesn’t require the user to take any additional steps. 

Secondly, influencers are the preferred method of marketing in 2022. As mentioned earlier, users don’t want to feel like are being advertised to. Instead, they want to purchase goods and services that their peers use and promote. Working with micro influencers or even just sharing simple videos of your products being used can help reach a wider audience, and create awareness of your holiday specials on apps with the highest mobile traffic. 

Introduce a Basket Abonnement Campaign

One of the top reasons for revenue loss is directly associated with basket abandonment. If you’re seeling holiday products, chances are some of your consumers will make it to the checkout and not follow through with the sale. Whether the reason for this is competitive offerings elsewhere, or simple decision making processes, a basket abdomen campaign can call back users to your platform. These campaigns can be automated to send users push notifications or email reminders to follow through with the sale. 

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