How Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Business 

Mobile apps serve as a tool for growth across all areas of business. In-app experiences can be used to market to users, create brand awareness, expand customer loyalty, and reach new territories.

February 5, 2022
How Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Business 

Technology has opened a whole new world of opportunity for businesses looking to grow in a new and effective way. Prior to mobile apps, growth was more closely related to concepts such as adding new locations, acquiring customers, expanding marketing, and product expansion. In 2022, mobile apps can achieve all of that right from a smartphone. While traditional areas of growth are still important to the overall success of a business, the world is changing. Companies are faced with the pressure of keeping up with societal trends and needs. As the world moves away from traditional methods of commerce and customer relationships, mobile apps fill in the gaps-and they do it well. Investing in a mobile app is investing in your customers, your business, and your growth potential. 

A Better Way to Reach Customers 

Billboards and large Facebook ads aren’t really the best marketing strategy in 2022. Customers don’t want to feel as though advertisements are being thrown in their faces left and right. Strong marketing in today’s day and age should be subtle and should make the customer feel as though the ad was made specifically for them. The success of this strategy is obvious when looking at the number of small businesses and startups that have been able to scale their business into globally recognized brands in a matter of years.

Many of these brands knew the potential of mobile apps and utilized them from the very beginning. Mobile apps completely change the relationship businesses have with the concept of location. With a standard in-store or browser-based company, a user changing their location could result in a lost customer. With mobile apps, a new location is simply an opportunity to expand into new territories. 

Mobile apps can utilize geo technology to target specific company products, ads, or news, based on users’ location. They also store and track data to continually personalize and perfect each user’s in-app journey. This means the user is likely only seeing information that is specific to them, their likes, their location, their past spending habits, and their future interests. So essentially, 

So whether a business is trying to keep existing customers, or find new ones-mobile apps can make the experience effective, versatile, and more successful. 

Expanding Brand Awareness

In standard business models, unless you’re a massively recognized brand, creating brand awareness is hard work! That’s not to say it’s ever entirely easy, but mobile apps certainly make awareness more accessible. 

For starters, if a user has downloaded a mobile app onto their phone, they will constantly be seeing their logo. Every time they check their phone’s homepage, they will likely glance over the brand and subconsciously build up a familiarity with it. Since people on average check their phone more than 150 times a day, those are 150 chances to get your brand on a user’s mind.

Traditional browsers and in-store businesses are not able to reach customers in that same way. If you wanted to visit a website or a store, you would typically think of the business first, and then go to it. For mobile apps, the logo can remind you of the brand, and cause you to act on that thought. This leads to a much higher visitation rate for mobile apps and a simple and powerful marketing tool!

Brand awareness extends to in-app usage as well. A brand’s mission, theme, personality, and products can all be enhanced within a mobile app. Users become loyal to companies that have a strong branding strategy, meaning their voice, imagery, word usage, fonts, colors, and product lines are consistent throughout all aspects of the company. A mobile app is another opportunity to strengthen that branding, make customers feel even more comfortable and familiar, and eventually gain customer loyalty.

Make The User Experience Convenient 

What is one of the top reasons a company loses a sale? Sale abandonment. The term sale abandonment refers to a customer reaching a certain point in a sale and then backing out at the last minute. If you can get a customer to be interested enough in a product that they start the process, realistically-there is potential to close the sale. If you’re not closing, that means there is some part of your user journey that is inconvenient or undesirable. For example, online websites may bring you to a checkout cart where you’re then prompted to sign in, fill in all your information, etc. For many, the process is annoying, or maybe they forgot where they put their credit card and then cancel their order. 

Mobile apps can save a lot of tedious tasks by streamlining the in-app experience. Most mobile apps can be designed to be integrated with other apps, such as banking, photos, logins, auto-filled information, and so on. They can also enable push notifications that send reminders to your users to check in with the app, notify them of new products, get feedback, and so on. Basically, if someone downloads a mobile app, they can be in contact with the brand much more frequently and effectively than a standard business model could. This enhances customer loyalty, conversions, and ultimately revenue. 

Grow Your Business With a Mobile App

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your mobile app is beautiful, effective, and reliable. As trends change, apps can be altered and enhanced to keep up with industry changes. The limit to the benefits of mobile apps are endless. They have been the standard preference for some time now, and continue to grow as the platform with the highest customer engagement. 

A mobile app is simultaneously a customer relationship management system, a marketing team, a product suite, a branding tool, a loyalty builder, and a revenue enhancer. It’s 2022, and if your business is ready to reach its full potential, consider mobile app development to achieve your business goals. 

Mobile App Development With Invemo LLC 

Invemo LLC specializes in mobile app development that is both effective and beautiful. We believe an app is a crucial business tool, but also another platform to tell the story of your business. We make sure your personal narrative is built into your mobile app, and that each tool and feature that will help you succeed is integrated into development and meticulously tested for launch. If you are interested in building a mobile app to help grow your business, contact us for a quote or more information.